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reviveIconBattle Report: KriM Vs. revival17:01 04.02.06 

 Reps: 48

#680, 32 Posts

lol, that was a stupid game for me, im not that great at depth, dont even really got a tactic or bo there, i just try to make dread as fast asi can and countering the enemy with his tactics and send sum tankz on transport, kinda gay to be honoust of u to engie me Unhappy but o well its part of game and i engie to sumtimes, at 1st i was v mad i lost 2-3 times to u bcoz i wanted points so bad, but then later i just thought again its only a game, hf and ill get the poins bak... Cool Wink
KrimIcon...17:00 11.02.06 

 Reps: 47

#544, 2 Posts

hehe... yea, we are 6-2 now i think. (u have 6)

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