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FernandoIconHow long have you been in the community?21:44 21.12.05 

 Reps: 12

#14, 1 Posts

Hola amigos.

How long have you all been in the community for?

I found CNCSeries about a year ago now, which is the only site I ever really use. I love it!
bigguy563Icon...22:51 21.12.05 

reputed member

Reps: 924

#34, 545 Posts

Looked at this site in late November last year. After the remodeling, I decided to join the site, which pretty much marked my first actual involvement in the community.
erikmcfarIcon...03:29 22.12.05 

All-time Rep: 7000+

 Reps: 387

#5, 318 Posts

5+ years
ChrisIcon...13:46 22.12.05 

CNCS Site Champion

 Reps: 601

#53, 312 Posts

I started visiting red2world when it was sort of dieing, somewhere late 2002. I joined somewhere early / mid 2003, I'm not sure. I've been playing C&C games since I was a little boy but I've only been 'around' for a good 2.5 years.
smallIcon...15:47 22.12.05 

 Reps: 86

#9, 54 Posts

I joined i guess when i started Renegade Skinners (R.I.P) forgotten when that actually was
RobIcon...16:16 22.12.05 


Reps: 1598

#1, 928 Posts

Renegade skinners is online, I'm sure it will detail when it opened.

I've been fairly active in the community ever since I created this site (5 years, 2 months ago), though at times I have drifted in and out.

Glad you like the site, Fernando.
Gen_LodishIcon...05:19 06.05.06 


 Reps: 541

#994, 491 Posts

i just started aweek ago i think, but i know i visit the site for at less 6 hours or more if i'm not tried from work.
Gen_LodishIcon...22:07 15.05.06 


 Reps: 541

#994, 491 Posts

now it has been 3 weeks i thinkGrin
Gen_LodishIcon...05:47 03.06.06 


 Reps: 541

#994, 491 Posts

I guess 1 month and two days now - i think.
Gen_LodishIcon...04:39 13.06.06 


 Reps: 541

#994, 491 Posts

now it has been two months and 12 days.Happy
TriariiIcon...15:44 21.07.06 

 Reps: 111

#98, 95 Posts

I joined slightly before Chris iirc, under a different nickname. Who remembers that? But i've been 'in' the community on and off for about 3-4 years now i'd say.
AzraelIcon...17:57 22.07.06 

 Reps: 13

#1107, 2 Posts

17:58 22.07.06 - Edited

New to the community, so be gentle........

I spent 2 years in the Need for Speed community modelling cars, that was one of the best communities i've been apart of so far. Then i moved into the BHD community, made some good friends, made a few good contributions, but overall i'd say the community itself was too immature and at times.....quite pathetic (spent about 3 years there).

I'm not much of a hardcore gamer (used to be)..... i don't play online much, but instead my contributions will come from the 3rd party applications side of things, i learned PHP about 2 years ago and VB6 about 6 months ago and spend most of my online time Coding/Programming stuff. as always, the newguy will most likely slip up just slap me back into place if i do!!!
Black_DragonIcon...21:13 30.07.06 

 Reps: 32

#99, 22 Posts

Hahaha, 4 years...I think. Though, I'm not extremely active Eek

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