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WaraddictIconTechnical Description21:10 06.12.05 

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Zero AMP takes advantage of map.ini coding by loading a WorldBuilder-only mod that allows mappers to place the new assets which are specified in the map.ini.

This enables the Zero AMP team to add unlimited new assets aslong as...

1. They only use graphics included with the game.
2. They do not require new commandbuttons.
3. They do not involve heavy weapon coding.

What this means is that we could add new objects to WB through Zero AMP such as...

1. Duplicate Objects - e.g. Tech Howitzers with different weapons, Tech Reinforcement Pads with different units, anything which you can imagine.

2. New Objects using unused graphics - e.g. the beta GLA Scorpion Tank, beta Civilian buildings, tons of unused props and more.

3. Modified Objects - e.g. Tech Secret Lab, Tech Radio Station, blood effects for infantry deaths.

4. ParticleSystems Effects Objects - Absolutely no limit here, fire, fog, smoke, dozens apon dozens of effects objects can be added through Zero AMP.

Finally, I would like to say, the future of this project does depend on the user's imagination. Any suggestions, please post them in this forum, you can infact submit code aswell if you like, for which you will be mentioned for in the assetsversion list which will be updated in your ZH directory.

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