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shuftyIconBattle Fortress Bug11:34 07.06.05 

 Reps: 31

#74, 18 Posts

Has anyone else noticed the bug with the battle fortress; waypoint attacks from it are not the full force of the loaded units. i.e. 2 Battle Fortress' fully loaded with GIs. Set waypoint to attack several base defenses and they will set about it but at somepoint, the units inside will not fire and the Battle Fortress acts like a fully unloaded version of itself.

Kind of annoying when coordinating multiple ground air and sea assaults at once.
EatsP1esIcon...16:28 08.06.05 

 Reps: 85

#54, 63 Posts

unlucky that you had to discover that... :P

ive known for quite a while, dunno about other people...
tzzIcon...17:14 29.06.05 

 Reps: 33

#157, 18 Posts

I always put chronos, seals and GGI for anti air tank and infantry defence. Oh? waypoints??? I dont use it with battle fortress but I group them up and move round the enemy base so the units inside fire as it is moving. So thats how it works, but it must be westwood programing problem...
EliteIcon...23:22 28.09.05 

 Reps: 17

#83, 6 Posts

I rarely use Waypoints(unless I'm busy with a Ground Battle or else where on the map I don't use waypoints)

I perfer scrambling my forces, churning out scores of Cannon Fodder, and outnumbering them.
jacko3334Icon...08:01 29.09.05 

 Reps: 509

#51, 281 Posts

They're the most freaking imba units ever devised anyway, they need a couple of bugs to dissuade people from using them and therefore casting a shadow of ridiculousness over the game. Though, that being said, atleast the guy using them isn't playing as Yuri.

I always use waypoints, especially in laggy games where you can pick off a few tanks using them and get away before the other person's tanks start moving.
ParasolKirbyIcon...18:40 06.12.06 

 Reps: 14

#1323, 3 Posts

The Battle Fortress does *not* make the game ridiculous. They are so very expensive, and their armour is ~nil.
bigguy563Icon...00:30 07.12.06 

reputed member

Reps: 924

#34, 545 Posts

Really? Both you and your opponent have four guardian GI's and a seal. He has 3 grizzly tanks. You have a battle fortress. Who do you think wins this fight of monetarily equal forces?

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