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RobIconNews: Chris Rubyor Leaves EA!10:48 24.03.05 


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The community will never be quite the same without the classic Delphi "=)".

Good luck to him anyway, he's a great guy and will certainly be an addition to Petroglyph.

At least there's a bit more confirmation in the email that RA3 is being work on. At this rate they'll scrap it if important staff members keep resigning though. Something really big must have gone down at EA to set this all off.
JeremyIcon...13:12 24.03.05 

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Seeing that pic makes me wonder what I ever did with those pictures from the Renegade prelaunch lan where I met Chris and Joe. I doubt i will ever find those pics again since its been so long...
ChaotixsIcon...13:52 24.03.05 

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I wonder if we could end up in a championship-manager style situation for red alert 3. (Yeah i know there is no database as such but think of it as staff members instead). Will petroglyph make a ra3-style game that could rival/better any EA RA3 game?
RobIcon...15:21 24.03.05 


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Lets hope not. That fiasco has split the CM population straight down the middle. The people who are in the know bought Total Football Manager, whilst all the others who don't read up on things will just end up buying the totally inferior CM5.

Interesting point though.
WaraddictIcon...16:04 24.03.05 

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Heh, who next? Sperry?

He's the last big fish in EA to go I think really, but thing is I don't think he has any important position in EA anymore so it wouldn't be a big impact...

As for RA3, there's two scenarios here, either its going to be delayed a hell of alot or they are in the late stages of the product and don't need the core C&C staff to finish it off. One things for sure though, I can't see EA canceling it, specially after they mentioned it to the community.
PaulIcon...17:10 26.03.05 

( . Y . )

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Originally posted by Rob...Something really big must have gone down at EA to set this all off.

That's the key issue that everyone's overlooking here. We certainly haven't been told the whole story, and it'll be interesting to see what Petroglyph say in the near future.

In fact, you might read my more extended thoughts on the subject soon... Wink
Neo_JamesIcon...20:08 27.03.05 

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Yes, something fishy is going on at EA about CnC. Perhaps the reason why the big boys are leaving is perhaps they do not like the direction that not only RA3 was going, but perhaps the series itself. In either case, it seems that RA3 will still come out, but not for a good while, and I am losing faith each day that it will be any good.

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