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SpygonIconNews: Red Alert 3: Allied Trailer16:32 09.09.08 

Defence Specialist

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22:56 09.09.08 - Edited

totally agree with you erik wheres the ummph wheres the sides preparing for a full out war but no instead lets show are "star filled" cast thats whats the fans want isnt it to see people they know in there games not the games they know having people in it.I just dont feel the exciment or the atmosphere to this game sorry but i want to feel this is going to be a game that i want to be playing in a few years time thinking how great the whole thing was put together.But i fear another big disapointment on its way just hope im wrong Unhappy

Also why do they have the british actors putting on "fake hollywood style british accents?" i know its a big shock but i wish some britsh actors would turn round to the american film industry and say most of the people in britain dont sound like that.
bigguy563Icon...00:14 12.09.08 

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I don't think the whole light-hearted attitude is going to work at all. Judging from the trailer there just doesn't seem to be the level of serious you'd see in war.
SpygonIcon...09:46 12.09.08 

Defence Specialist

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09:47 12.09.08 - Edited

that was the thing with red alert 2 yes it had its "light-hearted attitude" moments but only in small dosages and even then i found myself cringing at some parts especialy the allies ending with soviet guards dressing up as Premier Alexander Romanovc as he hides under his desk only to be caught by tanya who then pose for a phote where she sticks up the "bunny ears handsign" behind his head.But they managed to get away with this because most of the story line was Serious and felt that the world was at stake in an all out world war.But red alert 3 looks to be a RTC (real time cheese) fest and will ruin the story then putting alot of pressure for the game play to be above average that i feel just wont happen Unhappy

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