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SpygonIconNews: New Unit: Imperial Warrior11:55 19.08.08 

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11:57 19.08.08 - Edited

so from what i can see of the standard infantry of the 3 sides i suggest that if your fighting with infantry these are going to be the best ways to use them

Soviet conscripts should stay out in the open due to them seeming to have longer range than there other two counterparts and using there Molotov cocktails to slow down larger groups of enemy infantry.

Allied peacekeepers should be used to assualt dug in infantry postions using there shields to shrug off gun fire then when there in close range quickly clean up the enemy with quick shotgun blasts.

The Empires warriors look like they will work well with urban ambush tatics using there beam katanas to quickly run from behind a building choping down enemy infantry before they can counter attack and using there kinetic carbines to fight off any thing that catches them in the act

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