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Red Alert 3 ArticleRed Alert 3 Article (19.05.2008)
Erik discusses the next instalment in the C&C series... topics include online play, graphics, sides and balance. See what this veteran of Red Alert has to say!
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bigguy563IconArticle: Red Alert 3: Pessimistically, Optimistic16:49 26.05.08 

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It indeed sounds like a bunch of guys on the bottom of the RA2 ladder got together and are trying to make a game where skill doesn't matter. I never really liked long matches in RA2. What were great were the 5-7 minute matches with both players going for the rush and the game was ultimately decided by superior unit micro. So I'm very concerned about the ramifications of this attitude toward 30 minute games. I don't have time for many 30 minute games. That's another great thing about RA2 was that if you had a free half hour, you could quickly go onto qm, and play 5 or 6 games.
erikmcfarIcon...04:00 27.05.08 

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Yup, great comments bigguy! I was thinking the same thing about being able to play fewer games and if you are winning that long game and the bastard cheats (recon error, etc) it pisses you off even more. If he does it in a short game it still pisses you off but you didn't waste that much time. If EA would have said they are shooting for 10 minute games, I would no be in as much of an uproar as I am now. Hopefully their intentions do not come to fruition and we can find a way to play the game in a reasonable period.
SpygonIcon...09:32 20.06.08 

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09:33 20.06.08 - Edited

as always im on a tightrope on this issue as i agree i hate forced gameplay as every player has his own bag of skills and ideas to bring to the table but then one tatic should never have a large advantage over another and sadly i do feel that rushing did have an advantage over the other main tatics (that even forced me to start rushing that i felt abit let down with).I know this is going to be hard but EA still having to save themselves from the diaster of generals in my eyes and need to bring a amazing game to earn my trust again in cnc but from all the infomation i see i doubt it will be a ra2 beater.Also another point why does the RA universe have to have a "humorous" nature.One of the first things that drew me into the cnc uni was the orginal red alert with its dark and belivable story.Dont EA understand these two super powers are in a possbly apocalyptic world war and that what i liked about westwood they never tried to glam up war and opened the window showing what a war like this would be like.One final note nice article erik

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