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These tactics are small details in the game you can follow to bolster your strategy; none of the below will win you a game, but they'll certainly help.

'Attacking Tunnels' submitted by Chevalier
When you're going to attack a GLA tunnel, always force-fire [Ctrl & Click] in the opening, that way you will hit everything that comes out as well.

'Using Stealth Fighters' submitted by Chevalier
- Stealth Fighters are pretty good for taking out MiGs. Just sneak them in and attack them while reloading.
- Stealthed units could be used as Lotus detectors. When she sees them, you will be informed that she's there, even though you can't see her. I often use my Stealth Fighters to locate her.

'Range' submitted by Chevalier
If you're going to attack an army that has long-range weapons (artillery units like Nuke Cannons, for example), it is often good to try to get close as fast as you can. Remember that long-range weapons have a minimum range as well as a maximum.

'Red Guards' submitted by CrazyTiger
- Make sure you have Red Guards in your bunker when you do a rush. If the enemy tries to take out your bunker with Tank Hunters/Rocket men, Red Guards will kill them faster then your Tank Hunter's inside your bunker.
- For China players, always bring extra Red Guards with your attacking units against GLA players, as their Jarmen Kell might kill your driver and your Red Guards could then take back your tank inmmediately without losing it to your ememy.

'Negating Stealth Commanches as China' submitted by daRuU
When playing as China against a USA Air Force General, its always a good idea to have 2-3 gattling tanks along with around 4 overlords ( at least one having a propaganda tower on it ). This way you can negate to quite an extent the stealth commanche attacks.

'GLA's Palace' submitted by Treepex
Always build a Palace at the enemy entry way, then fill it up with 5 RPG soldiers inside, 'cause GLA have the best 'bunker' in Generals - let's see how many Overlords this bunker can take out.

'Quad Cannons vs Stinger Sites' submitted by Hakim
Quad Cannons works great against Stinger Sites. The bullets are directed to the Stingers' soldiers when alive and then to the actual site. The first three rockets will be the last, you can forget the Quad Cannon while you proceed with your other troops. It may stop when the hole appears, but most of the time the site is completely destroyed. You can pick it up later - promoted. Great for diversion and a lot faster than Rocket Buggies or Scud Launchers.

'Taking out Patriots' submitted by Hakim
An easy way to destroy a Patriot is to use 3 Terrorists. If no other forces are around it's a sure success since they are running too fast for the Patriots' missiles.

'Dozer Stealing' submitted by Space
When playing as a GLA Stealth General build Barracks, Supply Stash, Tunne lNetwork...the usual build. Now it's time to train and use your Hijacker to capture a Dozer from the enemy. Don't drive the Dozer to your own base but build a Command Center right away in your own base with the Dozer. If you lose the dozer it doesn't matter because your Worker can finish the Command Center you started and now you can build your opponents' Dozer.

'Dozer Sniping' submitted by Darkmage
Stealth Fighters are great against Dozers if you can sneak them in un-detected. Two of them should take one Dozer out and the enemy won't even know what hit him!

'Keeping China's Tech Level Down' submitted by Chevalier
Another good one is to keep a China player from building Nukes, Hackers, Overlords etc by destroying his Propaganda Center with an Aurora. Probably you won't get it back, but is costs him a lot more to not get his stuff.

'Weapons Research' submitted by Nathanael 'LightZenith' Zitter * Top Info!
Bunker buster tests I did:

  • Clearing bunkers with Stealth and bunker busters (Succeeded)
  • Clearing internet centre with Stealths (failed)
  • Clearing tunnel networks with Stealths (infantery are killed, vehicles are forced out of the tunnel)
  • Clearing palace with Stealths (Succeeded)
  • Clearing buildings with Stealths (Succeeded)
So bunker busters can clear almost every building of men only the internet center isn't cleared.

Neutron shell:

  • Clearing internet centre (succeeded)
  • Clearing palace (succeeded)
  • Clearing GLA tunnel network (everything in it is destroyed vehicles and infantery alike)
  • Clearing chinese bunkers (succeeded)
  • Clearing normal garrisoned buildings/bunkers (succeeded)
  • Clearing vehicles of drivers (succeeded)
These shells clear everything.

Microwave tank:

  • Clearing bunkers with microwave tank (failed, disables)
  • Clearing internet centre with m. tank (failed, disables)
  • Clearing centre with m. tank (failed, disables)
  • Clearing palace with m. tank (failed, disables)
  • Clearing tunnel with m. tank (failed, disables)
  • Clearing normal garrisoned buildings (succeeded)
Microwave tanks can only kill men with their beam in civilian structures. Against defences they disable.

Flashbang rangers/Toxin tractor/Dragon tank
These units can clear firebases, though the infantry in it take multiple hits, and civilian buildings, nothing else.

Migs/Inferno Cannons
They can't clear buildings. 'Open' defences like the firebase and stinger site are cleared of the men by the fire.

'Stealth Generals' Palace' submitted by dion & Maverick
The Stealth General's Palace remains hidden when troops fire from it (so make sure you garrison it and use it if need be and use the element of surprise to your advantage - Ed).

'Battle Bus Sneak Attack' submitted by Chris
If the cash flow permits it build extra Barracks so you can pump out as many RPG troops as you can. Build 10 battle buses and fill them all with RPG troops. With 8 infantry per battle bus and 10 battle buses that gives you a total of 80 RPG troops. Put all of your battle buses in a tunnel entrance. Open your enemies map with a radar van scan, drop in a sneak attack, pump out all of the battle buses, now you have 80 RPG troops shredding your enemies base.

'USA's Laser Lock' submitted by Stewart
Remember to have your Missile Defenders use their Laser Lock (hotkey L) when facing units like the Overlord so they will get in more damage and save you some soldiers. (It's also best to use the extra range allowed with Laser Lock to get in several shots before the enemy tank comes within firing range.)

'Self Destruction - Air Style' submitted by FiReCRoW
If you play GLA vs General Granger and you can use your Rebel Ambush... make the Rebels move real close to the Airfields .. this way, when he has some King Raptors defending the base or attacking the Rebels, he will in a few shots blow up his own Airfield .. very funny and often effective.

'How to use King Raptors' submitted by Nuclear W
Tech up so your king raptors have countermeasures and laser missiles.

Against USA and GLA:

Build about three airfields full of kings and attack. Its a lot like scuds vs paladins. When you have 12 kings, no missiles will get through the lasers and flares.Quads are so weak that 1 king will take them out, and avengers arent that well armoured anyway.

Against China:

Tech up and stuff, but this time build 5 airfeilds. Fill them all with king raptors. Send all of your kings to patrol just out of range of the enemies gats. Send 2 kings at each gattling cannon. DO NOT SEND ALL OF THEM! KEEP SOME BACK PATROLLING! You will always kill the gatt, and usually come back with at least half.

You remember the rest of the kings that are patrolling out of range of the ex-gats? With them destroyed, your kings can destroy most anything in the base (Supers, airfeilds and command centers are the best targets)

'Scouting with Auroras' submitted by Maverick
If you force fire Auroras, you can have them move at their top speed and not get harmed by anti-air fire. This is useful for scouting the enemy base or distracting anti-air while other air attacks are coming in [eg. fuel bombers, or Warthogs]. This tactic requires a lot of micromanagement, since you need to make sure the bombers don't actually drop their payload, otherwise their speed will reduce.

'Juhziz's Rebel Surprise' submitted by GAMMA
If you are playing as the Demo General, it might be worth putting some points in the Rebels Generals ability, since they're like having free Terrorists pop up in the enemy base. Getting them to pop up in the right places and detonating them can wreak havoc on an enemy's structures. For example, with a fully upgraded Rebels ability, you can target a Particle Cannon, shoot it for a second or two and detonate everyone to destroy the building completely. It may also pay to pop them up and move some around power stations, war factories and the like.

'Misc. GLA Tactics & Advice' submitted by rush bin liner
When playing as normal GLA or the Stealth general against Granger (USA Air force) use the GPS jammer on as many quad cannons as possible.

When using either again, use hijackers to steal an opponents dozer and use the GPS jammer to hide it from the enemy and remove it from their base.

Remember a saboteur can reset your opponents 'generals abilities' timers, but he can also shut down any building, use him just before or whilst attacking to prevent your opponent building extra units to hold you out.

If you need extra supplys or just want to deny them to your opponent, as the stealth general when you camo net a supply centre the workers using it also become invisible, if the enemy has a depot protected by units ( non stealth detecting obviously ) of he's build his defence further forward at a bottom neck for example, distract him with an attack else where and help yourself.

Another point is that jarmen kell can now reveal stealth units when in very close proximity.

1 last piece of advice is to bring in a technical with several workers when using the sneak attack tunnel in an enemy base, use 1 to repair the tunnel itself and whilst the enemy concentrates on your attack build tunnels stingers or even barracks in his base to allow you to keep your foot hold and keep the attacks coming. If your any other USA player use microwave tanks.

'Misc. USA Tactics & Advice' submitted by rush bin liner
As General Alexander you should build a few EMP patriots around your base because they will stop the sneak attack tunnel from deploying and you can leave that patriot to destroy the tunnel which will never finish.

Have 2 or more avengers in small groups around your base when fighting China (or USA, though not as effective) because not only can they destroy the aircraft but their defensive lasers will stop both of the MiGs missiles (if they send in multiple Migs in close proximity to one another you may need more Avengers to stop all the missiles).

'Misc. China Tactics & Advice' submitted by rush bin liner
I (and I'm sure others have found this) often forget that the Chinese infantry general's basic infantry (the Mini-Gunner) can shoot down aircraft, they're cheaper than Gattling cannons and it's harder to kill 10 men with planes than it is to kill 1 gat, it's good to have a few around to help out in times of need. Just watch out for commanches although 2-3 infanty will still rip 1 apart.

Everyone under estimates normal hackers because of how little they're used, bring in 1 or 2 in the bunker of an Overlord or inside a Troop Crawler, they're usually the last thing to be targeted because people simply never use them offensively, if you can set one up on an opponents air field or war factory you can often turn the tide in battle. If you're using the infantry general remember they're invisible when hacking, so if the attack goes badly go set him up either somewhere out of the way or if you want a real laugh stick him in the middle of your enemy's hackers and pray he hits him with abit of napalm.

'Commanche Support' submitted by aji1020
As Air General Granger, when attacking with a large group of Commanches, bring some Chinooks or Combat Chinooks along to swat the missles with their lasers since commanches don't have a laser of their own.

'Simple US Advice' submitted by jac6
Playing the USA in any game, take the Drone command center option first every time. Drop a drones all around your base and the map. Very effective at spotting stealth units long before they get to you.

When playing the superweapon general, always have a bunch of humvees filled with missile troopers and battle drones. You will take out many more enemies that way. Use your choppers to transport Col. Burton around the edges of the map and drop him in the rear areas that are normally undefended.

'Suicidal Destruction - In Numbers' submitted by generic0
When using GLA Demolition General - Rodhall Juhziz, rebel drops can be devastating if used wisely. Purchasing the "demolitions ability" upgrade from palace ($2000), and using your hard earned general's promotions points to upgrade your rebel drop you can have instant suicide bombers in your enemy's base and they pack a punch. According to how upgraded your rebel drop is, you can "self-detonate" the following:

4 Rebels - Barracks, Supply Centre, Airport, USA Power Station, Black Market, Supply Drops, Base Defence and groups of tanks etc 8 Rebels - All of the above also including War Factory/Arms Dealer, Palace (unfortified), Propaganda Centre, Strategy Centre 16 Rebels - All of the above also including Particle Cannon, Internet Hacker Centre, Palace (fortified), also Scud Storm and Nuclear Missile but they need to have minor damage prior to "self-detonation", AP Bullet upgrade may help here.

So scout your opponent's base with Radar Van Scan . Super Weapons with other buildings surrounding it are the best value and most effective. Drop your rebels in the middle of these, select all of them and click the "blast" icon. Your opponent will get very annoyed as they won't be able to get a Super Weapon off in a limited super-weapon game and he won't be able to build technology due to his/her Palace/Strategy/Propaganda Centres failing to exist.

'Saboteur stealing' submitted by generic0
GLA Stealth General - Prince Kassad. Sabotuers are effective money making-taking unit. Everytime you sabotuer your opponents supply centre you received $1000 dollars and you take $1000 dollars from your opponent. So if your opponent has an out of the way supply centre will low defence, you can routinely deny your opponent money while gaining yourself money to fund your ultimate attack. Remember also that Sabotuers can climb cliffs like Colonel Burton, so you can take an evasive route to your destination.

'China vs GLA Raids' submitted by NuclearW
China, as we all know, is a slow and lumbering force that finds getting rid of those irritating GLA bikes and buggies quite hard. However, here are some strats to help you get rid of those annoying raiders (without turtling like mad).

On the offensive: A lumbering column of your tanks moving acroos the map is usually easy pickings for demo bikes and rocket buggies. However, there is a low and high budget way of getting rid of them.
Low Budget: To protect your forces/expansions on the cheap, build two listening outposts and a gattling tank. The listening outposts have two tank hunters free, and can actually (no, really!) chase the rocket buggies and, if not destroying a few and causing them to retreat, you will still give the buggies a target as the rest of your tanks go through. For bikes, well, gattling tanks eat bikes for breakfast, 1 or 2 gat tanks can kill waves of attacking bikes.
High Budget: Migs arent actually that great against buggies, as they are so fast that at the first sight of the MiGs, they can scatter (press x) and the missiles will do minimal damage. 2 Helixes with gattling cannons cost 4000, but considering the amount of money you may lose if your tanks are attacked, its a small price to pay.
If the enemy has great AA, buy another 2 helixes with gats and use them to distract and possibly destroy the AA (drop a napalm bomb on stinger sites then wipe it with a gat, and quads arent actually that good against a helix or 2 with gats.

On the defensive:
Low Budget: A few gat tanks and listening posts placed at key points around your base will be able to dust off most enemies that come your way. High Budget: You could just turtle, but that would be boring. On maps with cliffs around your base, nuke cannons force firing neutron shells on the ground where the raiders will come is good, as is building cheap buildings all around your base chokepoints and everywhere within range of buggies. Upgrade to neutron mines, and even if the building is destroyed a nasty surprise will remain ;)

'GLA Shuffle' submitted by Da_Goblin
Build a supply center with your first guy. Then build about 6 other builders from you command while thats happening. Then with your first guy build a barracks close to your supply center then send the other builders up to supply cache until the supply center is built then build a arms dealer and a tunnel network. Build three or five techs load them up with RPGer's from you tunnel net and 1 or 2 builders run them to the backside of your enemies supply center so it acts as a barrier between them and you build a tunnel network then build some more get those techs wiping out whatever is collecting suppies (For air general build a quad ahead of time and just pop it out of the tunnel). After that it's checkmate.

'SW v SW: Strategy Blocking' submitted by Erik
When playing USA SW General and your enemy is too, make sure you are the first to build a airfield + strategy center, and buil dan aurora asap. Keep an eye on your enemy and don"™t let him build a strategy center "“ simply take it down as soon as he got it at 80%. When he has started to build a new one, he can"™t start building an other one since you can only build one of them. It takes a while before it is at 100% so taking it down at 80% is best, or maybe 90% but when he gets it finished he can put aurora"™s in a queue and whenever he has just 1 aurora he can take down your strategy center and you'll never be able to build aurora"™s again if he uses the same tactic.
Also if he already has auroras, don't take down his airfield first, but take down his strategy center first, then his airfield.

'Power Killing' submitted by Azure
As The US Air General, a single King Raptor with Laser Missiles upgrade can take out a power plant. This can be used effectively against static Chinese Gattling cannons. Few players guard their base all the way round the perimeter, so take a Raptor for each of their power stations through the gap, hit their power, and leave through the front. Missiles will be taken out by the Laser Defence system, leaving only mobile gattling cannons or Minigunners as defence against your aircraft.

Used against a highly developed base, it can often take a good while for the enemy to raise their power back to full - wiping out all power plants of a tortoised player will take their defences down for an age. With a reloading time of just a few seconds, your Raptors/Auroras can make unstoppable assaults at other structures.

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