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» War Stories Index

Welcome to our collection of exclusive war stories. Please note that we do not accept war stories from fans in order to control the quality of the material. Sadly there are no current plans to complete the unfinished stories.

» Completed Stories
Author: Wraith
Date Started: 2nd August 2001
Chapters: 12
Explanation: "The Sub" - an epic warstory of massive proportions that tells the tales of a submarine captain and his crew as the Soviet war machine readies itself for the invasion of America
Author: Shiznit
Date Started: 31st August 2001
Chapters: 6
Explanation: "A New Beginning" tells the story of the remaining Soviet forces attempting to re establish their control over the world after suffering a terrible defeat at the hand of the Allies
Author: Lpark
Date Started: 28th January 2002
Chapters: 7
Explanation: Ambush tells the tale of a SEAL in the Allied forces as well as the team under his command
Author: Wraith
Date Started: 20th November 2001
Chapters: 7
Explanation: "Sniper Games" is a war story based on the stories of American and Russian snipers fighting for their respective causes.

» Unfinished Stories

Author: Ash
Date Started: 7th January 2003
Current Chapters: 4
Explanation: Follow an elite team of Rangers as they embark upon daring missions into GLA territory, discover their true emotions on the battlefield and fight for themselves and their team. With a ruthlessly fast enemy and a shaky alliance, Sanders has more enemies than he bargained for....
Author: erikmcfar
Date Started: 28th January 2002
Current Chapters: 16
Explanation: The General is a war story packed with drama, tension and excitement - make sure you check it out.
Author: Wraith
Date Started: 11th March 2002
Current Chapters: 3
Explanation: Detailing the ventures of one of the famous orca helicopters from the Tiberian Universe, this military war story is packed full of technical info.
Author: Rob
Date Started: 7th July 2001
Current Chapters: 4
Explanation: The Tales of Boris is a story based upon the Soviet hero in Yuri's Revenge - Boris. In this story Boris must infiltrate Yuri's Headquarters (an underground base hidden in the mountainous Russian region of Siberia) and assassinate Yuri - if he does so then the Soviets will no longer be threatened by Yuri and his psychic army.
Author: Shiznit/Escalabar
Date Started: 2nd December 2001
Current Chapters: 3
Explanation: "The Defector" tells the story of an agent attempting to save the Allies from a rouge agent about to reveal Allied secrets
Author: R-Kane
Date Started: 1th December 2001
Current Chapters: 3
Explanation: The War Against Cuba portrays how a group of GI's struggle for survival in communist Cuba
Author: Ash
Date Started: 2nd January 2002
Current Chapters: 3
Explanation: "Time Lapse" tells the tale of an Allied Soldier; Sergeant Harland Anderson - but this man is no ordinary soldier.

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