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» Ultimate Renegade Strategy Guide

Welcome to the Ultimate Renegade Strategy Guide - a massive piece of work totalling over twelve and a half thousand words of strategical goodness.

The Ultimate Renegade Strategy Guide (URSG), is a 'sequel' to the Ultimate Strategy Guide produced by Rob for Red Alert 2, hoping to have both the same level of success and acknowledgement. The guide is split into several sections, each designed to improve a specific part of your Renegade skills, be it your overall knowledge, or advanced strategies for various characters and units. Below is the contents list for the character and vehicles sections of the guide.

Character Guides:
» Basic GDI Characters Guide
» Basic Nod Characters Guide
» Advanced GDI Characters Guide
» Advanced Nod Characters Guide

Vehicles Guides:
» GDI Vehicles Guide
» Nod Vehicles Guide

Each section contains many useful hints and strategies from various perspectives and should help to improve your overall game. However, we felt this was insufficient, so we created a guides section, which goes into great detail as to various parts of Renegade play. Here's the listing of the guides section:

» Radio Commands Guide
» Attacking Guide
» Defending Guide
» Teamwork Guide

» Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that the guide is to your satisfaction, and that it helps to improve your skills as a Renegade player.

Paul - CNCSeries.Com Editor (Main guide, Radio commands guide and Teamwork guide)
Ash - CNCSeries.Com Webmaster (Attacking guide, Defending guide, Images and Pieces)
Jim - CNCSeries.Com Features Director (Initial Organisation, Images and Planning)
Rob - CNCSeries.Com Founder (Coding and Nagging)

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