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Release Dates:

US: Out now.
Europe: Out now.
World: Out now. * In most places
X-Box: Out Now

About Tiberium Wars
Tiberium Wars, the third installment in the tiberian series, was announced by PC Gamer Magazine on the 20th April, 2006 - thus ending speculation about whether or not another C&C title was in production.

The world has been ravaged by tiberium; with only some areas fit to live in. The GDI controls most of those areas (known as blue zones). Nod launch a nuclear fireball at the GDI Space Station (anyone remember the Philadelphia from Tiberian Sun?), which destroys it needless to say. They then launch an all out attack on GDI, with their tactical backbone no longer existent.

The fate of the world lies in your hands... and all that jazz.

Tiberium Wars

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