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Box-ArtQuite often, we are posed the question, "Where's your Tiberian Sun content?". The answer is quite simple: we don't have any. CNCSeries.Com covers all Command and Conquer games since 2000. However, this doesn't mean that Tiberian Sun (or its expansion pack "Firestorm") isn't supported or ignored by some of our advanced features.

Westwood's Description:
The stunning sequel to Command & Conquer. Fight on dynamic 3-D battlefields where nature itself provides tactical opportunities: ion storms, destructible terrain, forest fires, treacherous ice fields and many more surprises that can help or hinder your strategies. Command the Global Defence Initiative, or join the secretive Brotherhood of Nod. Prepare your troops for combat in tiberium-infested temperate zones, arctic tundras and full cityscapes. Employ a deadly mix of advanced technologies, high-energy weapons, guerrilla warfare and high-tech sabotage. A kinetic and living battlefield created with new technology delivers things like flying shrapnel, shock waves and crashing debris for an in-game experience like never before.

More Information
If you want more information, then we advise you check the following sites in the community, who actually cover the game: CNCDen, CNCNZ and PlanetCNC.

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