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CNCSeries.Com is proud to produce guides that go into extraordinary depth and detail. Our guides are what the site is built upon. We take great pride in them and strive to assure that they are the best available in the community. Thousands upon thousands of fans have learnt how to play games or edit games better as a result of these guides. Enjoy.

Ultimate Renegade Strategy Guide (Renegade)
Didn't the RA2 guide teach you anything? When we do something, we do it big. 12,500 words, 25,000+ reads, this is the only guide to C&C Renegade you'll ever need.

Ultimate Strategy Guide (RA2)
This guide made CNCSeries.Com. 14,000 words of pure strategical goodness for RA2, covering every aspect of the game and written by Rob, who was a top player back in the day.

Advanced Generals Mapping Tutorial (Generals)
Compiled by our very own Waraddict, one of the finest map-makers in the community, this in-depth tutorial, complete with relevant images and downloads, shows you how to produce truly advanced maps for C&C Generals.

Renegade Skinning Tutorial (Renegade)
This tutorial runs you through how to make skins for C&C Renegade. Learn how to make characters and vehicles appear exactly how you want them to. Written by Jim its the only place to learn how to skin.

How to replace a unit and transfer health and veterancy (Zero Hour)
Once again Waraddict comes up trumps with this detailed guide on in-depth Zero Hour editing. If you've mastered the basics of Zero Hour editing and are after something new, then you should definitely check this out.

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