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C&C Generals - Splash ScreenOverview:
Command & Conquer: Generals is the first strategy game in the series presented to us in glorious 3D. Terrain, units and structures appear more vividly and detailed than ever. Players are able to rotate their point of view all around the battlefield - having the option to zoom in and out.

Produced by Electronic Arts Pacfic, a spin-off of the Westwood Irvine branch, Generals was released in early 2003 and has since spawned an expansion pack in the form of Zero Hour. Whilst the reception of the game has been mostly positive, some feel it failed to recapture the fast paced game play that made Red Alert 2 so successful.

The game boasts many new features and many little 'extra effects' - for example, vehicles and foot soldiers are able to surge up hillsides to achieve tactical superiority, buggies shake when landing back on ground and smoke pillows out of destroyed vehicles. The interface of the game has also been 'reinvented' - gone is the side menu-bar that all Command & Conquer fans have grown to love and cherish over the past decade, and instead, in comes the larger bottom-bar allowing for a wider choice of options. This, and other changes, such as the addition of 'Bulldozers' to construct buildings instead of them being instantly placed down once finished, made sure of a Command & Conquer like none other we have seen before.

Our Content:
We have a significant selection of Generals related items - including game information, history, strategies and files. Please refer to the game menu to browse the content.

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