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Red Alert 3

RED ALERT 3 Q&A UPDATE from Official RA3 Q&A and Red Alert 3 Q&A Archive – APOC’s update

The following is a base of knowledge that the community has (as of 15 May 2008) regarding various issues in Red Alert 3. You can view the actual Q&As at the above links, but for your viewing pleasure I've sifted through 20 someodd pages into nice organized categories. There is some good information, despite some of the comments raising some concerns. In any case, I hope you enjoy.


Will squads be in RA3?
All units are individually controlled. There are no squads in RA3.

Will walls and gates be making a marked return to Command & Conquer in Red Alert 3?
The simple answer is yes… and no. Walls will most certainly be making their return from earlier Command & Conquer games in Red Alert 3, but gates will not. We have walls up and running in the game now, actually, and we’re working on ways to make them much easier to build. However (there’s always a catch) if we can’ t get them to a state that we’re happy with, we may decide to remove them, just like we did with Command & Conquer 3. But as of now, the plan is to keep them in the game and make them as user-friendly as possible.

Will the build system be MCV or Dozer?
MCV, but the EotRS may have something else. They said it would be different from the Allies and Soviets at least.

Will the Apocalypse Tank have any upgrade like the Mammoth Tank's rail gun upgrade in C&C 3 to make it more unstoppable no matter against an infantry or vehicle? Because we gotta admit the Apocalypse Tank is quite useless when going against infantry in Red Alert 2... So will it have upgrades?
We dont know about any upgrades in RA3 but ATM no. They have said they dont want any unit to be effective against everything (like you said basically) so most likely no upgrades to make it more effective against infantry.

Will Prism Tank be back? If it does, will it be as powerful as it was in Red alert 2? Pls EA... bring back that power-pack unit...
Prism tech will not be returning.

Question seem to be rather simple What is The Name of Soviet Woman? It is Tanya or Natasha? She is My Love! _:D
Natasha. Tanya is the Allied commando.

Will the old core and sub-faction units, structures, and super weapons make a comeback?
Returning: Mirage Tank, IFV, Dolphin, Giant Squid, Gap Generator, Chronosphere, Iron Curtain, Apocalypse Tank, Dogs, Tanya
Not Returning: Boris, Prism Tank/Tower, Nuclear Reactor, Grizzly Tank, Yuri (rumored in expansion pack)
Unknown: Chrono Legionnaire, Terror Drone, Siege Chopper Battle Fortress, Desolator, Grand Cannon, Spy Satellite Uplink, Cloning Vats, Industrial Plant, Weather Control Device.

What type of defence systems will there be in RA3, will the tesla coils be making a return.
Tesla coils are in.....and so far that is the only one we know of.

Armored bears? Is that serious, or are you referring to the Allied Grizzly Tank?
LoL there isn’t even a Grizzly tank in the game. No I’m talking about the Soviets getting an armored bear.................. they lose their dogs.

Will there still be different countries & special units?
No word on that subject so far.

Also will there be more than 1 SW in the game for each faction? and are you going to build more than 1 of each like in Generals or just one like most other C&C games?
Going to be like all RA games with a base destruction SW (nuke) and a support SW (Iron Curtain)

Will there be Mechs for each faction, or are they only Japanese?
The Sickle and Terror Drone (soviets) are mechs.


If Einstein is dead in the storyline will there be Chrono, or Prism tech in the game? since he invented it.
Prism tech will not, but chrono tech will.

So the Soviets time travel to erase Einstien right? Well there's two paradoxes with that: Einstien erased Hitler, so the Axis powers should have forced the Soviets to ally with the Allies since Hitler is no longer erased. Also, Einstien came up with all of the time travel technology, how can they travel without the creator of travel????
*Sigh* It's because they kill him between the wars. *RA1 - Kill Einstein - RA2* He still killed Hitler and still invented the chrono tech.

Will there be a campaign for every faction?
Yes. 9 missions for each faction I believe.

Will there be live action FMV sequences between missions?
Yes. Shooting will begin sometime in April...... which we are in :D

What kind of atmosphere are you shooting for in Red Alert 3? In my mind RA1 tried to portray itself as more serious, RA2 went a little more humorous and cartoonish. So which style are you hoping to achieve with RA3, or are you going in another route?
Humorous as in RA2. (comment from –m5: I hate you EA)


Will there be any maps without water in RA3?
The story-driven campaign will have some maps with little or no water on them. However, every single multiplayer map will have significant bodies of water on them.

Will naval play be the emphasis in RA3 or have land, sea and air all been balanced so all are of equal importance?
Navy is going to be a core gameplay element with Red Alert 3, the ability to build on land and sea will be instrumental in your gameplay strategies. Certainly with respect to gameplay balance, we are treating land, sea, and air with equal importance. We definitely don’t want one area of the game having a significant advantage over the other, we need equal balance comrades!

Now that bases can be built on water, resources are found at sea and many units can go in water, how is Naval Combat any different from land combat? How do you plan to retain the uniqueness of Naval Combat?
One of the ways we maintain unique styles of play on land and on the water is by contextually varying a unit’s role. For example, the Allies have a hovercraft that functions as an effective anti-structure and anti-vehicle unit while it’s in the water, but is then only effective against infantry when it’s on land.

Will you be able to collect resources in the water? What are the basic aesthetics of how this works?
Yeah, our resource-collection mechanic definitely includes resources on water. I think we’re going to be talking about our resource model in detail in a few weeks, but suffice it to say that you’ll have resources to collect both on land and on water, and if you cede control of one or the other to your opponent, you’ll be putting yourself at a huge disadvantage.

Will there be any limit of how far of land you can build your naval base.
That depends on your faction, really. While theirs are a little different from each, the Allies and Soviets use a traditional build system that requires you to increase the area that you can build any given structure (including any naval structures) by constantly expanding your base. So for the Allies and the Soviets, the short answer is yes, there are limits that are tied to your base’s build radius. The Empire of the Rising Sun, on the other, utilizes a build system that’s markedly different than either the Soviets or the Allies… and that’s all we’ll say on that subject for now.

Water is a big part of RA3 will there be a good number of maps (large ones) that are navy free?
No. Apoc has said all maps will have water in them.

What was behind the decision to slow gameplay?
With Red Alert 3 we’re designing the gameplay to be a lot more deliberate and measured. We’re shooting for average matches of 20-30 minutes and want to make sure that a lot of the unit spamming tactics, particularly the early game rushes of C&C3, are less viable. Games between experienced RA3 players will tend to go to the player who makes good use of force composition and unit micro, not the guy who can build the biggest scrum of tanks. The trick with this, and so far I think we’re doing a pretty good job of it, is to accomplish these goals without slowing the game down too much. Don’t worry – you’ll find that Red Alert 3 games are plenty fast, and they’re certainly fun.

Is the very cartoonish look of the game being kept? It looks nothing like Red Alert 2 did. (Haven't seen a single recognizable unit yet)
It is keeping the cartoonish funny look and feel.

Will the sidebar be making a return?

Red Alert 2 was defined in part by the presence of real world locations in both map structure and specific landmarks. Will this be continued in RA3 and if so to will it be more or less abstract than what was done for RA2?
We’ll definitely continue the Red Alert 2 tradition of taking players to real-world locations across the globe. Some of the locations that Red Alert 3’s campaign take place in include Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Cannes, just to name a few.

Will there be any sort of environmental hazards? ei. Radioactivity, biohazards, etc.
There certainly will be. Again, without giving too much away, you can expect at least one of the super weapons in the game to leave a residual effect on the ground for a short time after it has been activated.

What type of terrains will RA3 have?
One of the nice things about the Red Alert 3 campaign is that it spans across many different parts of the globe, and that really lets us add a lot of unique environments that look different from each other. I don’t think we want to give away all the different terrain types, but you can expect to fight in the snowy environs of Russia, urban sprawls of Japan, and picturesque villages in Europe, among many others. We’re also focusing heavily on naval gameplay, so that means many of our campaign maps and all of our skirmish/MP maps will have ocean or lake coastlines, each of which will also contribute to that map’ s unique look.

Why in every game so far do the Allies and GDI have solely American accents? Will you consider fixing this in RA3?
Actually, Red Alert 2 had plenty of Allied units that had European accents, like the Spy and the British Sniper, and Red Alert 3 will be no different. In fact, some of our best Allied unit responses in RA3 are by non-Americans, like the Guardian Tank.

The game is base from the same engine as C&C 3. So, will any features that did not continue from C&C 3 still be available to modders? (ie. squad build)
Actually 60% of the engine has been re-written so can’t even compare them.

Will Red Alert 3 have a cool Installation like Red Alert 2 did? I’ve felt disappointed each time I’ve installed a C&C game since ,when all I get is a small Grey windows installer box
That we don’t know anything about, but hopefully there will be one.

Will "Hell March" be in the game? Or some variation of it? Can't have an RA game without some form of Hell March :)
A Hell March 3 is confirmed :)

Will RA3 come to ps3?
Yes. ps3, xbox360 and pc.

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