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» [DvL]Krismec4 vs xDaunt - Replay Commentary

[DvL]Krismec4 (China) vs. xDaunt (USA) on Tournament Isle

The toughest challenge for the USA player when playing against China is to avoid falling too far behind in the resource race. China"s cheap expansion cost of $2100 compared to the USA"s $3200 can be virtually insurmountable at times for the USA player. At this point the general consensus among top USA players is that the only option the USA has available for slowing down the juggernaut that is the Chinese economy is to stuff it early on with a chinook drop, killing the dozer that is being sent to the expo before it gets a chance to build anything. With this mind, I abandon my paladins first strategy and instead opt to put my first point into spy planes so that I can see where Krismec4 sends his dozer to expand. Before I begin, I want to say that I do not recommend even considering the abandonment of the paladins first strategy unless you are playing against an expert Chinese player. The paladins first strategy will thrash the VAST majority of Chinese opponents out there.

The game begins with me in the northwest and Krismec4 in the southeast. I immediately float my spy drone over his base and begin building up to a 2 missile defender drop. I crank out 2 rangers first so that I can nab the derricks in my base good and early. Krismec4 does a similar build, aiming for the derricks first while simultaneously getting ready to do some hardcore gattling tank rushes. My spy plane spots one of his dozers heading for the SW base spot so I send my chinook + 2 missile defenders there to intercept it. The missile defenders laser lock on the dozer and Krismec4"s early expansion attempt is stuffed: mission complete. I cannot overstate how important it is that I stopped this early expansion attempt. The USA simply cannot expand as quickly as China, particular when it is preparing for gattling tank rushes, which I knew were coming thanks to my spy drone. By killing the dozer, Krismec4 loses $1000 immediately and the opportunity to expand so early.

Krismec4 doesn"t sit around and cry over his lost dozer. He immediately begins to HEAVILY abuse the gattling tank rush. I get out a crusader just in time to meet his first gattling tank. Krismec4 sends it right past my crusader towards the back of my base with red health (it will be nice when gattling tanks slow down when damaged) and kills my two rangers that are waiting to take the derricks. Meanwhile, Krismec4 follows up with a dragon tank that tries to firewall my supply depot. Thankfully, a second crusader rolls out of my factory in time to destroy the dragon tank before it does any serious damage. Krismec4 then tries to sneak the damaged gattling tank back towards my chinooks but my first crusader lies waiting and destroys it. Krismec4 send another gattling tank at me and I turn this one away as well towards my two missile defenders that are still holding guard in the SW, which laser lock the gattling tank and dispatch it handily. Even so, Krismec4 isn"t about to let up and he sends ANOTHER 2 gattling tanks at my main base but these two are turned away as well towards the SW, but this time they get the better of my lone missile defenders.

During this time, Krismec4 expands NE. I try a chinook drop after he already has set up a depot and a barracks, but Krismec4 runs over my missile defenders with his supply trucks, which is most embarrassing to say the least. Meanwhile Krismec4 tries sending a dragon tank and troop crawler towards my base, but I destroy them with a couple missile defenders while Krismec4 obviously is attending to other things and then proceed to run over the red guards with my tanks. Also during this time I begin setting up an expansion in the SW. Krismec4 tries to steal the derricks down there with a lone red guard but I manage to kill it with two rangers before he steals anything. Also during this time Krismec4 takes the middle and begins fortifying it with a barracks and the majority of his troops. I try to force him out with a modest sized force of crusaders but he turns me back with his tank hunters.

At this point both of us begin building up our forces. I construct many missile defenders and rangers down in the SW, mainly for defense, and produce tanks and a strategy center in the NW at my main base. Krismec4 constructs a propaganda center at his NE expansion and continues to mass forces in the middle. More importantly, I take the time to secure my flanks while Krismec4 more or less concentrates all of his forces in the center leaving a few defenses in the NE and virtually nothing at his main base in the SW. I notice this and send my infantry heavy force with 2 crusaders from the SW to his main base in the SE, and systematically begin destroying it. Take notice of how I use my rangers to try capturing many of his key buildings, forcing him to sell them rather than giving him the opportunity to save them with his forces. I also take his oil derricks in the SE, giving me a total of 6 derricks in all. Krismec4 sends a response force of about 10 tank hunters and an overlord with a gattling cannon at my main but I dispatch that force fairly easily.

At this point I figure that I have the game in the bag and start getting lazy. I don"t spend all of the money that I am making and I fail to continuously scan the middle to see what kind of force Krismec4 is massing down there. As a result I am caught completely off guard when Krismec4 sends his massive force at my main base. After seeing this force come up I pretty much realize that my main base is history. Once my dozer in the SW finishes building the particle cannon, I have it begin building up my SW base while I continue to put up a fierce resistance at my main base. I have a ton of money at this point so I figure that I might as well use as much as I can to whittle away his massive force. More importantly during this time, I manage to sneak Burton into Krismec4"s expansion and destroy everything of importance that he has there, including his command center, supply depot, a factory, a power plant, and his propaganda center. I also manage to kill black lotus before Krismec4 finally hunts down Burton with an overlord equipped with a gattling turret. In retrospect this was probably the big turning point in the game. Comparing the assets each of us had, one would see that I had a very complete base in the SW with a superweapon built and another on the way shortly thereafter whereas Krismec4 only had a factory and a barracks in the middle of the map. Moreoever, I managed to destroy virtually all of his army at my main base, leaving him with only a heroic gattling tank and an overlord with a speaker tower.

After losing my main base I being playing a little more seriously again actually start SPENDING my money. I amass a huge force of paladins and missile defenders and prepare to assault the middle, only Krismec4 comes force with a pretty pathetic force of 2 overlords and his heroic gattling tank. Needless to say, I really don"t think Krismec4 had any idea that I had as much stuff as I did in the SW considering that he never really scouted it out. Once again, I figure that the game is mine so I say \"gg" thinking that he realizes this as well. I continue my assault in the middle but unfortunately, I sorta forget to bring pathfinders with me or any other kind of anti-infantry unit. Thus, the battle for the middle is MUCH more costly than it should have been. I begin to pull back but Krismec4 EMP"s my force and begins to press the assault with his heroic gattling tank and an overlord. I eventually destroy these remaining two units. Nevertheless, the writing is on the wall this time as I have an FAE strike, a Particle cannon and an A10 strike ready to go all within a couple minutes of each other. My FAE destroys his supply depot and power plant along with various other assets in the NE. I then follow up with a particle cannon strike on his propaganda center, dozer, powerplant, and a few tank hunters. Lastly, I send my A10"s at his war factory in the middle, leaving him with virtually nothing. Immediately afterwards Krismec4 Alt-f4"s out of the game.

What really gave me the win this game was that I managed to thwart all of Krismec4"s early game moves starting from destroying his dozer, when it tried to expand early in the SW, to stopping his hardcore early game gattling tank rushes. Furthermore, it would have done Krismec4 some good if he had paid a little more attention to his left flank at his main base. Lastly, (once again) I learned that the game"s not over til the fat lady sings (or in this case until I see the lovely USA victory screen). I really should have continued to spend money and build up my forces after I started hammering away Krismec4"s main base. Krismec4 very easily could have won the game from that point on had things worked out a little bit differently. One final thing to consider: one of the key weaknesses of using 2 missile defender chinook drop is that it leaves you without paladins in the early game. If I were Krismec4, I would have seized the opportunity to go early Migs rather than early overlords as it would have made things much tougher for me.

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