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» Comedy

I like to think of myself as funny - this is why I always slip little jokes and comments into news posts. I'm not sure whether people actually laugh at them or whether they're the reason people keep throwing things at me in the street..painful things, like bricks and cars. Anyway, onto the index:


» C&C Site Guide
A satire-come-parody look at the habits we community sites have turned into a makeshift "how to create a site" guide.

» C&C Meets Monty Python
The name should give you the idea - scenes from the Monty Python series made while playing Generals. Not a huge feature, but short and sweet.

» The Many Faces of Harvard
Harvard Bonin sportingly allowed me to post this feature where I capture him making all sorts of expressions and add things he might've said. Very popular.

Single Images

» Advanced Generals Keyboard
On sale for just £15.99, you're unbeatable with this keyboard. There's no chance of you accidentally hitting other keys; it has all you need to not lose and nothing more. *Note: No, it isn't real, and no, I won't ship one to you.

» The Iraqi Information Minister Tells It Straight
EA hires the most well-known public speaker in the world to quieten those rowdy moaners.

» Every Time You Tunnel Spam...
A little take off of the infamous "Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten" image.

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