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» Eradication Wars 1.8 Review

Osprey, Ercano Plane & Lightening TanksEradication wars is set in 1985, the world is at peace and the war is over and the Allies are unaware of the troubles that lie ahead. The Soviets have created new powerful units to destroy the free world and the Allies must explore new technology to counteract the Soviets power. Eradication wars introduces many new strategies and may change how you feel about the way you play. In my opinion Eradication wars is a great mod, and it"s an auto install, so you don"t have to drag files then look for them and delete them - just install then uninstall. Eradication was gives red alert a new feeling and lets the player try new strategies. The AI is ok when it"s set on easy or medium, for example, when you play the Soviets, all they do is send tons of conscripts, a lot of ants, some Tesla troopers and maybe 5 tanks at a time, but when it"s set on Advanced enemy, the AI is great and really tough to beat. For example, I had blow up the bridges so it couldn"t send in the 20 Apocalypse tanks that it built. I think it would be better if there was an advanced AI setting, apart from that, the mod is pretty good with over 50 new units and 15-20 new structures.

But there"s always something wrong with a mod. In my opinion the worst thing about Eradication wars is the Tesla lab. The Tesla lab is a structure that you can build as soon as you build a power plant or Tesla reactor, and it only costs 600$, and what it does is provide almost 100% power. For example, in one of my games I built one Tesla lab then almost 20 Prism Towers and 5 Grand Cannons and still had a great amount of power. Also, I know some people may like this but I don"t: in Eradication wars all buildings, infantry, and vehicles are built instantly. Now this isn"t an option of game play, that"s just the way it is. As I mentioned before I don"t think the AI is very, very good when set on advanced enemy. You can build all special units (from every country in other words) in a game. And once again I wish that was an option that you could choose - and because of that there are no new features to each country. Eradication wars also adds several new modes of game play such as Meat grinder, Naval War, Crate war, Infantry war, Mega wealth, land rush and safe mode. Safe mode is cool because if you just want to disregard the mod and play the game normally (disable the mod) then all you have to do is choose this option.

Ants! My favourite thing about this mod has to be all the new units. Especially the Giant ants! One or two of them aren"t very good but if you have a whole battalion of them they can over run you!!! Also, as for the infantry units, there are Monkeys, who kill GI"s like snipers, an alligator who explodes on contact and a cow who, well I can"t figure out what the cow does quite yet. There"s also an acid trooper who looks like a black Chrono Legionnaire who shoots a blob of acid, which kills any infantry unit in one hit and is okay against vehicles - and that"s just the Allied infantry! Also, the Rocketeers can now land on the ground, walk around and even go inside an IFV; inside the IFV the Rocketeer is really quite good against both vehicles and infantry.

There are many new tanks like the Lightning tank for the Allies and the Eradication tank (which I couldn"t get a screenshot of in action because when it fires it shakes the screen) for the Soviets, which both devastate anything but takes a while to recharge and some old tanks that have been used by many different mod makers such as the Howitzer. And lots more. There are also some new transport vehicles. There"s the Ecranoplane, which can transport 10 Infantry, the Osprey, which transports 5, and the APC, which transports 15.

For buildings each side has about 3-5 new ones - and 10 defensive structures all together. I think the best structures for the Allies are the Fusion Power Plant, the civilian armoury, and the Chrono box. For the Soviets, they boast the Tesla Cannon, the Tank Turret and the Mayan Prism Pyramid. All the buildings are cost balanced for each side and are great ways to change your defensive and offensive strategies.

Red October in action As for the Naval units Eradication wars adds few but very unique and different options. For example, the Soviets get a sub called the Red October (from the Movie), which can only hit land targets but can usually destroy buildings with one single missile. The Allies get a Scout Trimaran Unit, which is really cool. What the scout does is hit hidden targets such as dolphins, subs, etc and Carriers and Sea Scorpions and devastates them. It has good speed which makes it great for any naval battle, whether it"s a hit and run or an all out war. The Allies also get a Tesla Ship and a Repair ship.

Hind! Rocketeers.. walking A group of lightening Tanks

There"s something that is really quite odd that I wanted to mention. In some crates, when you send a unit to get it, the crate might kill him and creates a fog. Now this fog spreads, and if it"s near you base then it will start to damage it very slowly. Just thought that was something I had to mention.

Eradication wars is an excellent mod for the gamer that loves to try out new strategies; like me. I loved this mod, either than everything being built instantly. I think if you like Deezire"s mods then you"ll like this one. Erad wars is something to ease the pain of the delay of Yuri"s Revenge so check it out:

Overall: 85%


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