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» MooMans Rules 1.2 Review

MooMans Rules has no story to it. But, I think, that it is my favourite mod out there. MooMans Rules adds 50 brand new units and structures, and enables unused sounds and animations to the game. With all these new units and structures, it"ll be almost impossible to have tried all the strategies. MooMans Rules also changed some of the Cameos of the units and structures, to their older ones, which gives it that classic touch.

Some of the tanks on display!MooMans Rules gives new structures and units to each country or faction. For example, Great Britain still has it"s Sniper, but now it has The Battleship and a Sniper Tower, which is, in my opinion, the best defensive structure to have for fighting against Infantry. The Sniper Tower has a great range, a quick reload time and it can gain Veterancy. Each side is fairly balanced; the soviets get an improved Dreadnought, a Hind Transport, the World Devastator (which is probably the strongest unit in the whole game) and more. The Allies get The Sniper Tower, The Ore Mining Facility (which I couldn't seem to get to work), the ParaBombs (which are a new Super Weapon) - and they do measure up to the Nuclear Missile and the Lightning Storm, and more. In my opinion, the best new units that have been added to the game are the World Devastator and the Battleship.

There are also many new structures that really define how you play a game, whether you"re a turtle, economy guy, a sneaky player or an all out attacker. The main new structures that the Allies get are The Stealth research facility, allowing you to build the stealth generator and the stealth tank, the NDS Tower which is The Naval Defence System, the ParaBombs add-on to the Air Force Command Centre and, to help with the power, the Satellite Power Generator. The Soviets get The Aquatic Pommeler, the Guard Tower and the Hydroelectric Plant.

Some detectives strutting around MooMans Rules also adds many new modes of game play; Nuke War, Crate War, Death Match, First Come First Served (which makes all captured tech buildings invulnerable), TechWar (which the mode of game play which I use the most because you get to use all the new units for the side you are playing), The Art Of rushing, and a mode of game play first used by MooMans Rules: Shadow War; which cloaks all offensive units until the time of attack.

The most unique thing about MooMans Rules is the Tech Expansion pack; which adds four new Tech buildings are added to the game. The Tech Armoury lets you send in multiple units; and when they come out they have Elite Status. The Tech Communications Centre, when captured, allows you to see the entire map. The Tech Research Centre gives you a new Tank, depending on what side you are; Allied or Soviet. If you"re Allied you get the Resonance Tank; equipped with a sonic wave gun, basically the Dolphins weapon on a tank. If you"re the Soviets then you get the powerful and devastating Seismic Tank. This unique tank has the ability to control seismic vibrations beneath the earth's surface and channelling them up to create a powerful seismic wave which can envelop multiple enemies around the target area. The only things immune to these deadly waves are structures and other Seismic Tanks. Last but not least is the Tech Police Station; it allows you to build police cars, which are mounted with a heavy machine gun and can carry up to five infantry units. It also allows you to build detectives that are much like your average GI or Conscript and are a snip at $50.

Your average base in Mooman's Rules - Check out some of the new structures!The AI is pretty good on easy as they now send in a variety of Telasa troopers, Grenadiers, and Crazy Ivans. They aslo send 10-15 Conscript; then he rushes you with 2 Grizzly Tanks, a Flak Track, an Incinerator, a Howitzer and a then 5 Terror Drones. On Medium the AI doesn"t just send Kivrovs, the AI is like the original Brutal Enemy. On Brutal enemy, multiple tank rushes, amazing base defences, and Yuri rushes are all sights that you will behold!! The AI is one of the best things about MooMans Rules.

With new modes of game play, new techbuildings, and 50 new units and structures, MooMans Rules is, in my humble opinion, the best Mod out there. With Yuri's Revenge now out on shelves we can hopefully look forward to a Moomans Rules update; what changes will MooMan make to Yuri"s Revenge? Only time will tell. Hopefully MooMan will make an Auto-Install feature and add a new Tech building. So Deezire, watch out , MooMans here!

Overall: 90%


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