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In order to allow you to discover exactly what certain mods are like before spending several hours downloading them, we here at CNCSeries have our own Mod Review Team which is dedicated to bringing you detailed, readable reviews on the latest & greatest in the C&C Community Mod Scene; each mod is rewarded a score out of 10 after being thoroughly tested by one of our mod reviewers. The mod reviews contain images, information and, of course, opinions. Click on the icons to access the review. Enjoy.

Mod Name: Blitzkrieg
Game: Yuri's Revenge
Reviewer: Paul
Date Reviewed: 11-Jan-03
Rating: 9/10
Extract: "Right on queue Blitzkrieg steps up onto the podium to receive its plaudits and offer its mod before the altar of Yuri's Revenge. Well, I say right on queue" Blitzkrieg is actually a year overdue after a total of two years in development. It is the most famous of all Yuri's Revenge mods, simply because of this record. "

Mod Name: Eagle Red
Game: Yuri's Revenge
Reviewer: Jim
Date Reviewed: 22-Jun-02
Rating: 9/10
Extract: "Eagle Red 1.6 has arrived and firmly put the spotlight back onto Red Alert 2. With every release, small updates have been made: A new unit here and a new structure there. But with the 1.6 release, Eagle's team have really out-done themselves, and in my view, finally over-come Deezire to be: "King of the expansions"."

Mod Name: Hellfire
Game: Red Alert 2
Reviewer: Jim
Date Reviewed: 23-Feb-02
Rating: 7/10
Extract: "Hellfire is a German translated mod, yet, With my extensive German vocabulary learned through a mis-spent childhood reading "commando" comics, I believe I could have done better."

Mod Name: True War
Game: Red Alert 2
Reviewer: Jim
Date Reviewed: 07-Jan-02
Rating: 8/10
Extract: "The emphasis of "True War" is on Reality. Infantry are invisible to Radar, Tanks fire longer when on high ground, and Aircraft are susceptible to SAMs. With this however come some fatal problems, most obvious being that Red Alert 2 players tend to "Build and attack", repeating this cycle over and over until they defeat the enemy"

Mod Name: Mooman's Rules
Game: Red Alert 2
Reviewer: Nick
Date Reviewed: 16-Oct-01
Rating: 9/10
Extract: "MooMans Rules gives new structures and units to each country or faction. For example, Great Britain still has it"s Sniper, but now it has The Battleship and a Sniper Tower."

Mod Name: Eradication Wars
Game: Red Alert 2
Reviewer: Nick
Date Reviewed: 04-Oct-01
Rating: 8.5/10
Extract: "My favourite thing about this mod has to be all the new units. Especially the Giant ants! One or two of them aren"t very good but if you have a whole battalion of them they can over run you!"

Mod Name: Deezire
Game: Red Alert 2
Reviewer: Raijinn
Date Reviewed: 26-Sep-01
Rating: 9.5/10
Extract: "DeeZire also adds many new modes of play. You can now play Naval War, Meat Grinder, etc. in Skirmish mode. The mod also adds several new modes, such as Crate War and Global Dominance, in which you get the bonus units from all of your side's countries."

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