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Welcome to our collection of 'Behind The Scenes' interviews. These delightfully interesting pieces are sure to provide laughter and provoke interesting thoughts. You may see staff members of this site as you have never seen them before. They may look totally different to how you had imagined. Find out what our staff does when it's not working on the site - find out about our hobbies, interests, lives, thoughts and opinions. Photos are provided with all of the pieces.

One should note that some staff members may have left since the features, such as Wraith. However, they will remain online as it would be a great shame to waste such interesting content. The interviews are conducted between the subject of the piece and another staff member, usually Rob. We'll announce any new additions to this series on the front page - enjoy!

Behind The Scenes #1 - Starring Jim
Interview #1 - Starring Jim
Position: Features Boss

Country: Scotland
Interview Date: 26th March 2002
Interviewer: Rob
Behind The Scenes #2 - Starring Erikmcfar
Interview #2 - Starring Erikmcfar
Position: Operations Director
Real Name: Erik McFarlane
Country: USA
Interview Date: 1st April 2002
Interviewer: Rob

Behind The Scenes #3 - Starring Paul
Interview #3 - Starring Paul
Position: Editor
Real Name: Paul Tait
Country: England
Interview Date: 20th May 2002
Interviewer: Rob
Behind The Scenes #4 - Starring Wraith
Interview #4 - Starring Wraith
Position: Ex Author
Real Name: Aaron Fraley
Country: USA
Interview Date: 27th May 2002
Interviewer: Rob

Behind The Scenes #5 - Starring Jeremy
Interview #5 - Starring Jeremy
Position: News Poster
Real Name: Jeremy Bray
Country: USA
Interview Date: 7th July 2002
Interviewer: Rob
Behind The Scenes #6 - Starring Ash
Interview #6 - Starring Ash
Position: Webmaster
Real Name: Ashley Williams
Country: England
Interview Date: 23rd August 2002
Interviewer: Rob

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