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» Skinning Guide Part 2: Getting Ready

Time to get down to business: The first thing to do is setup the DDS Plugin and XCC Mixer to enabled you to extract, and then edit the skins. This section of the tutorial assumes that Renegade is installed to C:\Westwood\Renegade, if you installed it to a different directory, then please take account of this when following the tutorial.

1. Setting up the XCC Mixer
    1.1 Create a new folder in the C:\Westwood directory, named "XCC Utilities". This isn't strictly required, but it helps to tidy up the folder.
    1.2 Extract all of the contents of the file into the folder you just made.

Note: Don't run the Mixer just yet, it's best to setup the plugins before launching.

2. Setting up the DDS Plugin
    2.1 Open up the directory where you installed Paint Shop Pro, by default it's: C:\Program Files\JASC Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 7
    2.2 Check if there is a folder "Plugins", if not, create one by right clicking and choosing and
    2.3 Extract ALL of the files from the DDS zip into the plugins folder.
You should now be able to start ripping the skins from Renegade

Part Three: Ripping The Skins

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