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» Skinning Guide Preface

This tutorial is written with the novice user in mind, and goes into a reasonable amount of detail for every step. Remember that this is simply a guideline, feel free to experiment and mess around, it is the best way to learn. "Experience is a nice name for mistakes", and I agree with this. Do not moan and bitch at your mistakes, but analyse them and learn from them. Skinning is more art than science, and no matter how crap you think you are, remember that you will progress. Eventually.

A Bad workman blames his tools, so please ensure you have the right equipment before starting this tutorial. You'll need the following items:

1. A Copy of JASC Paint Shop Pro. You can use Adobe Photoshop, but on a personal note I find too powerful to use for a simple skin. Download it from It is also featured fairly regularly on the cover disks of PC Gamer Magazine UK.

2. The XCC Mixer. This excellent utility, written by Olaf van der Spek, allows you to "rip" the individual componenets of Renegade out, allowing you to modify them. Download that from here (633kb).

3. The DDS Plugin. A Plugin is a piece of software which adds functionality to an existing program. In this case, the Plugin allows you to view the specialised DDS format, and their subsequent MIP maps, which are a fundamental part of the Renegade game. Download that from here (594kb).

4. WinZip. This allows you to view and extract .ZIP archives, a must for "unzipping" the utilities shown above. Download the latest version from

The reason some of the screenshots are done in Windows XP and some in Windows 9X is because my power supply on my computer blew up while writing this tutorial, and I needed to beg Small to send me the screenshots, to which he obliged.

Oh yes, and fully working copy of Renegade tends to work quite well!

Part Two: Getting Ready

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