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This press release from Westwood contains information about a deal between Westwood & Discreet which will allow for users to edit C & C Renegade; the software will be available on the game CD and as a download from the official site.

Press Release:
Huge news from the Renegade front! Westwood has formed a deal with Discreet to offer its widely popular gmax mod software for Command & Conquer Renegade!

The gmax software is a mod package based on Discreet's award-winning, professional 3D modeling and animation software-3ds max, and allows users to create new 3D levels, objects, player models, skins, vehicles and weapons for Renegade. User creations will be playable in both single and multiplayer modes.

Westwood Studios has licensed Discreet's popular gmax software and will be distributing it on the Renegade CD, and offering it as a free download right here on the official Renegade website. In addition, Westwood is creating a Renegade game pack that will allow content created in gmax to be exported into the game. The gmax game pack will also be available as a free download on the Renegade website in the coming weeks.

Westwood will be posting documentation and tutorials for the gmax software on the Renegade website in the coming weeks, and create designated discussion forums for the Renegade game pack. The Renegade website will also feature special sections where users can download fan-created levels and skins.

"Action gamers clearly want the ability to build new maps and mods for their games, so we're giving them a great tool to build with," said Dan Cermak, executive producer of Renegade. "Discreet's gmax will give hard-core Renegade players everything they need to customize, modify and extend their game."

"Westwood's decision to include gmax with Renegade further highlights the value of gmax as a cutting edge add-on for one of the most exciting games available on the PC," said Paul Perreault, gmax product manager. "With nearly 50 thousand gmax registrations in two months, it is clear that the gamers and mod communities are excited about gmax and the growing list of gmax-enabled titles," said Perreault.

Click here to download the gmax software and begin modding today!

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