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These tactics were all sent in by visitors of the site. As they are fan tactics some of them will be, put bluntly, crap. Some will be good however.

Fighting in Teams ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI ¦ by Marineb0i
Here is a helpful strategy for fighting in groups. Depending on the size of the game, here are how teams should be formed.
2 people: One person should be engy/hotwire while the other is a character that packs a punch.
3 people: One person be engy/hotwire. One be a fast-firing trooper like Patch or Mobius. One be slow-firing character like Havoc or Sydney Spec.
4 people: Two be engy/hotwire. One be fast-firing. One be slow-firing.
5 people: 2 engy/hotwire. 2 fast fire. 1 slow fire.
6 people: 2 engy/hotwire. 2 fast fire. 2 slow fire.

Any group bigger than six should have several engys/hotwires, mostly fast-firing troops, and several slow-firing troops.

Beacon Battle ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI/NOD ¦ by Marineb0i
Placing one beacon in the enemy's base won't always succeed in blowing up a building. Here's a tip on how to succeed in placing beacons. First, have everyone on your team purchase beacons (if possible) and one APC or Transport Chopper. Then, get to the enemy base and start putting them into the buildings. Put beacons in hard to reach places where it's almost impossible to disable in time. While the enemy is looking for a beacon, your teammates will also be around placing beacons in other buildings. Some beacons may be disabled, but the enemy engys won't be able to disable them all in time.

Kamikaze Explosion ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI/NOD ¦ by Marineb0i
Always getting killed in sniper wars? Next time, tell one of your teammates to strap a remote C4 on the chest of your character. Then have him/her find a safe place to hide (while you go and fight), but must still be able to monitor your sniper fight. If it's going bad for you, run up to the enemy and have your buddy blow you apart and at the same time badly hurt or kill the enemy sniper. It is crazy, and has little possibility in working, but hey, if you have to be killed, take your enemy with you.

Desparate Charging ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI/NOD ¦ by Marineb0i
Think you've lost the game? Well, maybe you have, but why not be defeated by doing a heroic charge? Have everyone on your team upgrade to Sydney Spec./Raveshaw or Mobius/Mendosa, then drive an APC (filled with everyone) into the enemy base, and charge! Keep fighting until you die. if the defenses were down, hey, you can RACK up points, and you might even turn the tide of the battle!

Vehicle Assault ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI ¦ by Marineb0i
Here are some ways to use vehicles effectively against the enemy:

  • 1. Here's a bizarre strategy: do a mammoth tank rush! Save up enough money to buy mammys for three-fourths of your fighting force, along with 2 or 3 APCs, and you're nearly invincible! Just roll into the enemy base and POUND their defenses and other structures, while APCs mow down any Noddy resistence.
  • 2. Do drive-by shootings. Purchase a Humvee and drive through the enemy base and harass the infantry. Not very effective, but keeps the NODs on their feet.
  • 3. Put a med tank or mammy on a high elevation on the path that joins the GDI and NOD base together. From there, bombard any NOD unit that comes your way. This prevents enemy units from getting close to your base. Remember, have a fast-firing infantryman accompanying you. If any Noddy slips past your tank's shells, your companion can easily eliminate him/her. Note: The driver of the tank should be Hotwire/Engineer.
And remember, always watch your vehicle's back. You never know what might be there.

Sniper camouflage ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI ¦ by Marineb0i
This is a basic strategy for sniper wars. If you want to use Havoc, first look at what the environment looks like, then choose the skin for havoc that matches the environment. This helps camouflage you a little when you crouch and inch along the ground. Unfortunatley, this only works 70%, so it's not always reliable. But remember, always relocate! That way, the people you kill can't track you down and nail you!

Squadron Attacks ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI ¦ by Marineb0i
This tactic helps insure air supremacy. If there are enough men (at least five) and money, everyone should purchase an Orca fighter. Then, have everyone buy Hotwires. Finally, plan out how your squad is going to function, like who is leader or wingman and so on. Then, scramble for your fighters, and you're on your way! During the flight, your squadron may find some opposition. If you or your fellow airmen are hurt during combat, have the damaged orcas drop down to Hotwire's repair range and continue the fight while one of your comrades land his aircraft and fixes the damaged craft(s). Once the enemy air force is defeated, make sure everyone is fully armed and move out!

Lightning attack ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI/NOD ¦ by Marineb0i
This tactic is used for lightning strikes on an enemy base. First, buy an APC and gather up the maximum amount of people an APC can hold. Then half of the group should buy a technician/hotwire and the remaining half should buy mendosa/mobius. Then choose the best driver among the group, one that can dodge and evade enemy gunfire and defenses. Then create some two-man teams and spread out and get to the enemy refinery and power plant. While the technicians/hotwires work, the volt rifle-men should cover them. At the same time, if the volt rifle-men get hurt, there are people there to heal them. Once the economic buildings are down, get out of the base!

APC Rush Mk. II ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI/NOD ¦ by Exhibit69
We have all seen the engy/tech APC rush.... But for a fun change try a grenadier/flamer rush... 2 engy and 4 flamer/grenadier make short work of a power plant. And No-one expects Flamers/grenadiers to leap out of an APC so you have the suprise factor going for you. I have even seen 6 shotgun troopers leap out of an APC. There were a lot of dead Engy's that day.

C4 Bait ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI/NOD ¦ by faarooq31
Carefully placed c4s will draw enemies into the open.

Tanks: Angles ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI/NOD ¦ by Ivan
When playing as either NOD or GDI it is very important to never attack/retreat in a straight line. While aiming the cannon towards the enemy keep the tracks of your tanks at a slant or "T" shape. Make long, and random movements back and forth to keep your opponent targeting (and hopefully not hitting). This tactic is most effective when the opponent is at a distance, and has stopped moving in order to target. This tactic is useless once the opponent has closed the distance, so keep distance!

Stealth Insurance ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI ¦ by Andy
Stealthys keep stealing tanks? Well here's a tip. When your an engineer and you buy a tank, put your remote c4 on it. Then go into a building and refill and put some more on. You can put on as many as you like just make sure it's enough to destroy it. Ok, now if the stealthy steals your tank detonate the c4 and watch your well earned tank go to waste. But at least the stealthy didn't get it.

Demolition Man ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI ¦ by Pocket_Fluff
Are flame troops getting on your nerves? Just get an engineer and a normal troop, then get the engineer to place remote c4 all over him (use a pt for refills) then send the trooper to attack the flamer. If the trooper dies the engineer can detonate the bomb causing loads of damage (you will know if the trooper died because it comes up as nod person killed gdi person (or vice versa)).

Nuclear Beacon Defence ¦ Multiplayer ¦ NOD ¦ by John Pritchard
One of my favourite stratagies is to sneak into an enemy base using a stealth soldier and place a beacon somewhere that is hidden and easily defendable (inside buildings or next to them) and placing a timed C4 on the beacon or on the MCT and then I hang around in a corner and shoot any unsuspecting engineers in the head. If I get killed, sometimes the C4 kills the engineers by the beacon (if the C4 is on the beacon.) This usually grasps a few seconds and sometimes allows you to destroy a building.

Stealth Tips ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI/NOD ¦ by Counter Killer
To always be effective on killing tanks and soldiers,you will need stealth to do that.Below are strategies to eliminate them in either singleplay or multiplay.

  • 1.When you see an enemy approaching,get your basic guns prepared and press DUCK button near any struture and wait for him.
  • 2.Snipers often uses a dark and dim places to snipe anyone close by.Try using your rocket launcher and shoot at dark places to reveal their hiding places.Or else,you will get low health remaining when they shoot.
  • 3.Tanks can even be shot down by using bombs like Remote C4.When a tank spotted you,try running around its corner and quickly throw your C4 at it's back.Watch them get BOOM!
  • 4.In multiplay,you can use either side's main defense to protect you from any attacks.And if the struture gets low health,try to get an engineer to fix it normal.Snipers can also wait inside when enemy comes.

Use Ranged Attacks! ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI/NOD ¦ by ][TbC][@ng3|^w!nGz
The best way to destroy your enemies base is to send a few artilleries or missle launchers just outside your enemies base and start shelling their can hit their sturctures and still stay out of range from the base defenses. A good example is down_under where a gdi mlrs can destroy the nod refinery and airstrip from outside the nod base and still stay well out of range of the obelisk. This tactic works best when there are a couple of friendly tanks to support you or plenty of technicians or engineers to repair you if you are attacked.

Power Plant Destroy ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI/NOD ¦ by jackas128
In most maps there are obelisks that will fire laser beams at you..they are usually easy to get around. When you have enough money to buy a ion cannon beacon do that and be an engineer. Seek for the back entrance of the base and wait there... if there are pr. mines get your repair gun and disable them... the enemy nodders will think their backentrance is safe. Now get in "f" mode and walk out of the entrance - immediatly seek shelter. Now there is a building nearby (most times the power plant that will shutdown the obelisk) - place the ion cannon down. Now place your remote c4s on the beacon incase they find it and get disarming. When an engineer walks near the beacon... boom ... if they want to disable the c4s they wont have enough time to disarm the beacon. For example, in Under, I go through the cave and head into the enemy cave... I walk down and see a split... I just go ahead and walk straight... then I have to disable some c4s. Then I walk further - once I get to the end of the cave I see if the coast is clear... then I press f. Then I walk to the nearby rock and duck... then I run further and duck behind the higher piece. I warn my teammates to get ready and place the ion cannon beacon... then I place the 2 c4s and also place the timer. Then I get to the rock and sit there waitng... once I hear thunder it means I have 10 seconds to get clear. So I get away and run for the back entrance. Watch how the power plant is destroyed - then run to the air strip and blow that one to smithereens!

Now for the nod side: check if the pr mines are still intact during the game sometimes... when you hear the ion cannon beacon countdown and the obelisk is still intact head for the back entrance with a good weapon. Shoot the engineer and call some engineers of your own.

c4 is your friend ¦ Multiplayer ¦ NOD ¦ by Mikeon314
That Havoc sniper making you mad? Don't get mad get even. If you have the money buy a stealth and sneak up to the Havoc, try and place a timed c4 on his back (i prefer puttin it on the butt for laughs) and then go hide someplace because after u place the c4 you will become visable. Now type a message to the sniper to press "f" and look at his back. Ok so this won't help your team that much but it is fun. ^_^

Take harvesters out fast! ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI/ NOD ¦ by Mikeon314
On most maps you can get to the enemy harvestor and destroy it for quick cash and deprive the enemy of 300 creds. I suggest using grendiers for gdi or flame solider for nod. Both do quite a bit of damage of harvestors. Also place timed c4 on the harvestor, the timed c4 do a very large ammount of damage to anything. But you might want to protect your harvestor too because most likly the enemy will be trying the same.

Keep your tank! ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI/ NOD ¦ by Mikeon314
Too many times have i seen an engy get out of a mammoth someplace where he thinks is "safe." In Renegade, no place is safe, you never know if theres a sniper around or a stealth noddy waiting to put a bullet in your head and steal your tank. Always try and have engys on your team repair you. If you must get out of your tank have someone cover you or keep moving around the tank stickin close in case you see somone heading for the tank.

Reloading Tip ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI/ NOD ¦ by Rob
Always stick to the walls when reloading if you can; this will help to give you some form of cover from the enemy whilst you are carrying out this task which does make you vulnerable to attack. If there are no walls nearby, use any form of cover such as crates, buildings, shaded areas, trees and so forth.

Tips on mines ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI/ NOD ¦ by PIEAMYUM

Proximity mine:
There are good ways and bad ways to use mines. I have seen many technicians try to build a "wall" across a main corridor to their base on maps such as Under. The concept is, when tanks approach the mines, they will either stay back or drive through and be damaged. This tactic does not work. It may trick a newbie but most people already know that proximity mines do hardly any damage to vehicles, and you'll only be hit by one or maybe two if you drive through the "wall." The best way to use mines is to place 4 of them directly inside the main door to a building. I find that 3 only brings a Technician/Hot Wire to less than one red health block left, so four is necessary to assure the building's safety. Place them in (1) Defensive structure (2) Vehicle production (3) Infantry production and (4) Tiberium Refinery

Remote C4:
What most people don't get about remote C4s is that they are exactly that, remote. It probably began in the demo when there was no such tutorial or instruction on how to use remote C4s and players crossed over to the retail version without learning, but many people simply place a remote C4 on a vehicle or MCT and let it sit there. In single player, they would explode after a while (30 seconds or so). but in multiplayer, this rule does not apply. They blow up (or disappear, I'm not sure which) when the player who placed them dies. It is much more effective to place it on the vehicle or MCT and then clear it and use secondary fire. They can be used as mines if done correctly. For example, take Under. You're an engineer. You're in the tunnel way and you drop a couple remote C4s at the top of the tunnel when you see GDI soldiers coming. They enter, you're watching in 3rd person next to the wall. When you see them, you blow them up and the GDI soldiers die. It only takes one remote C4 on a direct hit to kill one or two soldiers.

Another trick is to use them when being chased. Instead of using a pistol, drop a C4 in front of the player chasing you and detonate it immediately. It will kill him/her if you do it correctly or you can just repeat and kill him/her.

Timed C4:
There's not much to say about these. At the beginning of the game, you can use it as a supplement to remote C4s when you run out to place all your C4 on the enemy harvester for some quick cash.

Flame Tank Rush ¦ Multiplayer ¦ NOD ¦ by Rodman49
The flame tank rush is one of the most succesful tatics that can be executed by Nod. In small games you can use one or two tanks to take out the guard tower. In larger games it could take 5-8 with medium tank resistance. The key to killing the guard tower is getting close in (right beside it) and flaming it too death. If your tank gets destroyed try to go inside the tower and plant C4 on the Master Control Terminal.

Chem Trooper Tip ¦ Multiplayer ¦ NOD ¦ by Rodman49
One way to get easy points and keep the other teams economy down as Nod is to buy a Chem. Trooper as fast as you can. It only costs 150 credits. Once you do this empty all of your ammo into the enemy harvester (you can also put C4 of the harvester but I wouldn't try it if there is a lot of lag). Around 300-400 chem spray ammo should kill the harvester. You'll get points like crazy and be hurting the enemies economy.

Technician Tip ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI/NOD ¦by Victor
I prefer to be a technician and get inside a mammoth tank, therefore when the mammoth tank is badly hurt pop ot repair and get back abord it, works for me 8/10 times...

Taking Out Enemy Structures ¦ Multiplayer ¦ GDI/NOD ¦ by Smrt133
If your desperate to take out an enemy defense structure (Obelisk or AGT) then go as Technician/Hotwire build up an APC and then head right for the enemy defensive structure, when there, go inside and pull out your timed C4, plant 2 of them onto the MCT and then one remote C4, detonate your remote C4 then wait till the Timed C4 has been detonated, then its safe to head back to base or carry on inside the enemy base!

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