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» Mission 12

Primary: Rescue Sydney - Dr. Sydney Mobius is held captive deep within the Temple of Nod. Proceed to her location and rescue her.

Begin to run...

Primary: Infiltrate Temple Bunker - Dr. Sydney Mobius is most likely located in the lower levels of the Temple of Nod. Find access to these lower levels.

Go down via the slope, go left through the door and follow the tunnel. Search for a door on the right side and follow the path. Kill every Nod unit here and save.

Go left and kill the 4 Templars. Grab the armor and take the right door to see a "trophy" of Kane. Go back to the previous room and take the left door (from where you started). Take the next door and destroy the Black Hand and the 2 Ceiling Guns. Grab the green keycard and save.

Go back to the big room and enter the door that requires the green keycard. Kill the engineer and the 2 Ceiling Guns. Go down with the platform and destroy the 2 black hands en scientists. After a short time, more units will enter the room. Destroy these too. Save.

Take the left door, go down and take the room on the other side of the room. Kill the Visceriod here and grab the yellow keycard. Kill the Black Hand and save.

Go up and again and enter a door that requires a yellow keycard. Grab the armor and health and save. Enter the door...

Primary: Infiltrate Temple Power Core - Find access to the Temple of Nod power core interior. EVA indicated there is a connecting passage on a lower level of the Temple.

Kill all Nod units here. This can take a long time, because the Templars all come out of the test tubes. Keep shooting and be sure they are all dead! Save when you're done.

Go down and take the elevator. Now run like hell and go left, left, straight ahead and left and follow the tunnel. Save when you're safe I'm not sure, but I think those Tiberium Units just keep coming.

In the next room, shoot those Black Hands and work your way up. Save when you can't go any further. Now take a big amount of air, save and enter the next room for a damn hard boss... Petrova!

Go all the way down and grab your Volt Riffle. You can shoot on Petrova as long as you want, but it doesn't work. You first have to kill the other units (they will heal Petrova with Tiberium). Good luck... (hint: with your Volt Auto Rifle this is a piece of cake).

When Petrova is killed, grab the red keycard to save Sydney.

Primary: Escort Sydney - Dr. Sydney Mobius must be protected as you attempt to reach the surface. Escort her safely to the top of the missile silo.

Well... let's get going! Save first...

Go back to the previous room (you have the red keycard now, so you don't need to go through the mine).

Primary: Sabotage Nuclear Missile - Escort Dr. Sydney Mobius to the missile control center, so she can properly lock down the launch clamps. This will cause the missile to destruct within the Temple housing.

Go down, through the red door and kill all the units here. Go back to Sydney, talk to her and follow her.

And finally, you've finished this damn hard irritating but funny mission! Congratulations! You've finished the game!


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