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» Mission 10

Primary: Protect Mobius - Dr. Mobius must be kept alive at all costs. He is our primary Tiberium research scientist, and may also provide insight into Nod mutation research.

After a short conversation with the doc, you'll get another primary objective.

Primary: Acquire Power Suit - In order to make contact with GDI forces, Dr. Mobius must retrieve the Mobile Power Suit taken earlier. Find its location and recover it.

Walk around and kill the Initiates. They make funny sounds when they die. Don't use Tiberium weapons - It will only heal them! Take the elevator to go up. Take the left door and search for the Power Suite.

Primary: Escort Mobius to Surface - Dr. Mobius has acquired the Mobile Power Suit, but cannot make radio contact this far underground. Escort him to the surface to regain contact with GDI.

Go straight ahead and left for the green keycard. Go back to the room where you found the hologram of Kane. Go to the other room and save the scientist you find on the left. Follow him to get the yellow key card. Go straight ahead this time and follow the path to the surface. This is quite difficult, so save often! Use your rocket launcher for ceiling guns to save ammo.

Primary: Escort Mobius to GDI - Now that you have reached the surface, you must make your way to the GDI front lines, with Dr. Mobius in tow. Keep him alive and reach the GDI front for helicopter evacuation.

Follow the path to the GDI front lines. On your way, you'll see a big group of Nod Officers. Kill them all.

Tertiary: Eliminate Nod Resistance - Nod forces have amassed at the first canyon checkpoint, but your quick work has taken care of the problem.

» Mission 11

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