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» Mission 9

Primary: Escape Prison - You have been placed in solitary confinement inside a Nod Prison Facility. Sakura has been generous enough to free you as a distraction for her invasion attempt. Escape the prison facility.

Grab your first and only gun (you didn't think you had the weapons after you were put in prison, did you?). Kill the officers for a second and better gun (I use this gun all the time). Enter the door, go left and up the stairs. Use the control panel here to free the prisoners. Enter the door on the other end and enter the door right for weapons. In the left room, you'll find 2 data discs. Go out the room with the data discs and go right and enter the door. Enter the door on the left.

Secondary: Disable Helipad - A Nod Helipad is located behind the office complex in the Prison Facility. Locate and destroy it to reduce Apache reinforcements throughout the area.

Just around the corner, on the left, you'll find a buggy. Enter it and follow the path. Search for the Helipad and destroy it.

Enter the 4 buildings you find here for weapons, health, armor and prisoners. When you're done here, exit the prison by opening the gate.

Primary: Infiltrate Research Facility - The scientists are possibly contained in the Research Facility at the far end of the canyon. Make your way to the facility and infiltrate.

Enter the tank here and follow the path. When you see a blue tunnel, drive through it. After a while, you'll end up at the Facility.

Primary: Rescue Scientists - Sakura indicates the scientists are held deep within the Nod Research Facility. Infiltrate the lower levels of the facility and rescue the scientists.

Destroy as much as possible with the tank before it gets destroyed. When your tank is destroyed, go down and left.

Secondary: Disable Station Alpha - The Research Facility is divided into several stations. Disable Research Station Alpha by destroying the Master Control Terminal within.

Secondary: Disable Station Beta - The Research Facility is divided into several stations. Disable Research Station Beta by destroying the Master Control Terminal within.

As soon as you get this objective, go right through the door and destroy the Control Panel you find here.

Tertiary: Disable Cultivation Center - In the heart of the Research Facility is a Tiberium cultivation center, where Nod has been experimenting with different methods of Tiberium growth. Destroying the Master Control Terminal within has hampered their efforts.

Now go back outside and go right. Enter the elevator and go down. Follow the hall to find a Light Tank. First go outside and user your Sniper Riffle to destroy and kill as much as possible. Enter the tank and follow the path again. After a while, you'll end up by another elevator. Exit the tank and use the elevator. You'll end up outside again. Search for another elevator that goes down. When you're down, you'll meet a new unit, that's damn irritating and strong: the Acolyte... From the beginning of the elevator, go right, right and straight ahead to end up in a room with a hologram of Kane.

Go right and destroy the Master Control Terminal here.

Do the same in the right room to destroy Station Alpha and Beta.

Go back to the room with the hologram of Kane and take the elevator. You'll see a movie where Raveshaw is... well... something else

Primary: Eliminate Raveshaw - Raveshaw has been indoctrinated into project Re-Genesis. Regardless of his lack of cranial capacity at this point, his strength is formidable. Keep your distance and eliminate him quickly.

Now, this is a cool fight! Keep walking and shooting with your laser rifle. When he jumps on the platform and does not jump down, grab your sniper rifle, zoom in on his head and... BAM! Do not use any Tiberium weapons on him... it will only heal him.

» Mission 10

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