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» Mission 6

Primary: Locate Hotwire - Hotwire is pinned down behind some debris in the southwestern sector, near the Triangle Garden. Clear the debris and enter the building to assist her.

Walk straight and go left the second time. Follow the path.

Primary: Contact Gunner - Gunner is under heavy fire in the Town Square. Assist him in clearing out all enemy resistance in his area, and then contact him for further information.

Go right and blow up the pile of trash on the right. You'll find Hotwire here. Follow the path again. When you find a pile of trash, grab your rocket launcher, because a Flame tank will show up to fry you. Finish it and follow the path again.

Secondary: Secure Town Square - Village resistance is fighting a losing battle in the Town Square. Move to their position and eliminate all enemy opposition.

Go to the town square and protect it from the Nod. You see that bunker on the town square? You'll find Gunner here. Talk to him to finish the second primary objective. Turn around and enter the house you see. Go left and up the stairs.

Primary: Locate Deadeye - Deadeye is currently pinned in the Fancy Inn on the east side of the village. Assist him in clearing out all enemy resistance in his area, and then contact him for further information.

Once again, follow the path. After a long path and a stairs, you'll find a house. Enter the house, go up and talk to the man here.

Primary: Escort Resistance - A Nod Transport Helicopter has been shot down by the village resistance. A group had gathered to seize the available cargo. Escort the resistance group to the Transport Helicopter.

Follow the men (escort him) to the plane. Just go down the stairs and follow the path again. On you way, you'll see Mendoza again (and a funny bug too... see paragraph [7.2]). Try to kill that guy. He's easy this time. The man is now by the plane and that secondary mission is also complete. Follow the path again.

Secondary: Contact Escapee - A prisoner has escaped the Chateau, and claims to have valuable information about the locale. Make contact and gather the intel.

You'll be attacked from both sides. First attack the Flame tank in front of you. Turn around and attack the enemies here. When they're finished, turn around again and kill these guys. Now walk straight ahead, and enter the house on your left. Go upstairs.

Secondary: Eliminate Engineers - Nod has six Engineers in the park who specialize in rapid Obelisk construction. All six must be eliminated to prevent the building from begin completed.

Just grab your sniper rifle and kick some serious ass!

Go back outside and enter the tank. Drive a little straight and exit the tank. Enter the house on your right to get some information. Grab a big gun, because as soon as the guy stops speaking, his friend will turn into a Visceriod, and from the other side, some Nod units will appear.

Enter the tank again and follow the path. When you arrive at a square with a small hut on the left... watch out! There is a sniper somewhere around here. When you're finished, follow the path again.

Secondary: Locate Patch - Patch is located at the Cathedral with the rest of the Dead-6 members. Contact him, gather your team, and prepare for the assault on the Chateau. You'll see a big house here. You can find Deadeye here if you go upstairs. Talk to him. After, follow the path again. After a while, you'll see a Flame tank.

Secondary: Babushka has been kidnapped by Nod forces. She is currently being held southwest of the Cathedral in a temporary location. Eliminate her captors and make contact.

Enter the Flame tank. Now follow the path again. When you see a big Cathedral, first drive past it, and go left. Enter the house and SNEAK in. Kill the Nod forces here and talk to Babushka.

Enter your tank again, drive to the Cathedral and enter it. Go upstairs and talk to Patch.

Primary: Eliminate Black Hand - Nod Black Hand units have assembled and are converging on the Cathedral. Hold the Cathedral and eliminate all incoming enemies.

Go outside and shoot the hell out of those Black Hands.

» Mission 7

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