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» Mission 5

Primary: Rescue Prisoners - The GDI prisoners are held captive somewhere on the ship, probably on the lower decks. Find them and bring them to safety.

Go to the right, right and up. Enter the door and enter the next room. Take the left door here.

Primary: Sabotage Missile Racks - Sabotaging the missile racks will assist in ship destruction. Approach each of the four missile racks and sabotage them.

Go down and sabotage the Missile Racks.

Take the door you'll find here to continue your first primary objective. Take the next door here.

Secondary: Disable Critical Engine Areas - Disable the four critical engine areas to disable ship propulsion. Consider using C4 to destroy these critical parts.

Go to the lower floor and destroy the four computers you find here (you don't have to use C4). When all four are destroyed... red alert!

Go up and you'll find the prisoners.

Primary: Acquire Prison Security Card - The prison guard has the security card needed to open the prison chambers. Acquire it from him and release the prisoners.

Go down and enter the door on your left. Follow the path and search for the guard that has the key. When you have it, so back to the prisoners and release them.

Primary: Acquire Deck Security Card - The First Mate has a security card that accesses the fore deck area. Eliminate him to obtain the security card to progress.

Go back to the room where you found the green card and go up. Go through the door that required the green keycard. Now go all the way up, kill the First Mate and grab the yellow keycard.

Primary: Acquire Submarine Security Card - The submarine security card is held by the ship captain. Find and eliminate him to obtain the submarine security card.

Now go back the where you began your mission. Enter a door that requires a yellow keycard.

Secondary: Destroy Apache - A Nod Apache is patrolling the outside of the ship. Locate the Apache and destroy it.

Enter the door you see at the end of the room (right door) and enter the door you see here.

Primary: Sabotage Torpedo Racks - Sabotaging the two torpedo racks will assist in ship destruction. Approach each of the two torpedo racks and sabotage them.

Sabotage the Torpedo Racks. Go to the top of the room and enter the doors you find here. Go to the deck of the ship (just keep walking up) and destroy the Apache here with your rocket launcher. Enter the door and keep going up until you are in the control room. Kill the captain here to get a red keycard. Go back to the previous room and enter the next door. Go up to the deck again and search for the guard with the prison keycard. Once again: go back to the beginning of the mission.

Primary: Protect Prisoners - The prisoners are under attack in the submarine base. Protect them until the area is secure, then board the submarine and escape.

Meet the prisoners to finish this mission.

» Mission 6

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