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» Mission 4

Primary: Locate Communications Center - Satellite imagery indicates the Nod Communications Center is located centrally on the island. Make your way to the Nod base and acquire information about the scientists' whereabouts.

Secondary: Secure Beachhead - GDI forces are landing on the beachhead and encountering heavy resistance. Assist their landing operation by eliminating all Nod resistance on the beachhead.

Do the this paragraph sneaky, y'hear Kill all Nod forces that you can kill and walk behind the wall, up the hill. Kill the Nod forces here and destroy the big Turret with a C4 explosive.

The GDI will drop a power-up for you on the beach, so be sure to get it! Follow the path again. After a while, you'll end up in a field with Tiberium. Move as quick as possible and go to the other side of the field. Remember the hint at the beginning of the mission? Go inside the plane and grab the data disc. Follow the path.

Secondary: Disable Lower SAM Sites - Nod has SAM Sites located in two positions in this destroyed hamlet. Find and disable them to allow for additional GDI reinforcements.

Just walk around, kill enemies (watch your back) and destroy the SAM Sites with C4.

When the 2 SAM Sites are destroyed, GDI will drop a power-up for you on the bridge. You can take two ways now. The first one is through a Tiberium mine. Shoot the wooden planks to get in. The second one is to walk the path that's behind the beach. I say you should take the second one, since you'll be safer.

If you take the first route, move as quickly as possible and keep shooting and grabbing those armor and med kits. If you take the second route, grab your rocket launcher and shoot the Cannon Emplacement before it shoots you.

Secondary: Disable Upper SAM Sites - Two Nod SAM Sites are protecting a heavy Shore Defense Cannon from aerial assault. Disable these two SAM Sites to facilitate a GDI air strike on the Shore Defense Cannon.

If you came from the first route, you'll be behind the two SAM Sites. If you came from the second route, you'll have to take the left path to find them. Destroy them...

Take the left path (you'll also find a power-up) to find a junction. Take the right path and you'll find a data disc at the end of the cave. Go back to the junction and take the left path to find a Nod base.

Primary: Hack Communications Mainframe - The Nod Communications Center Mainframe holds recent flight data for passing Nod aircraft. Approach the mainframe and hack it to find the destination of the scientists.

You see that building with the satellite on it? Enter it. Now make your way to the mainframe (you should know where it is by now). But what? The door is locked.

Primary: Acquire Security Card - Access to the Communications Center mainframe is locked behind a secure door. Nod officer usually carry security cards, and you will need one to pass through.

I don't know if the officer that has the card is chosen random. I found the officer that gave me my card in the refinery. Kill as many Nod units as possible. Also enter the Power Plant and destroy as much as possible. It will be easier for you this way later on. Go back to the locked door and enter it.

Now hack the terminal to complete the primary mission.

Now for some fun, grab the yellow keycard and enter the yellow door. Destroy the mainframe here.

Tertiary: Disable Communications Center - Disabling the Nod Communications Center had disrupted Nod communications throughout this area.

Now go outside and shoot the Comanche Attack Helicopter with your Rocket Launcher. Oops... The island is going to explode!

Primary: Escape via Submarine - Looks like the dock is your only way off the island. A small submarine is located nearby. Make your way on board to escape the destruction.

Now... let's be a nice guy and do some extra work. Enter the Power Plant and destroy it.

Tertiary: Disable Power Plant - Disabling the Nod Power Plant has shut down power for the base area, reducing the capabilities of Nod forces in this locale.

That was fun, wasn't it? More extra work coming up! Do the same for the Tiberium Refinery.

Tertiary: Disable Tiberium Refinery - Disabling the Tiberium Refinery has hampered Nod productions in this base facility.

Now follow the path and go to the docks to exit this mission.

» Mission 5

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