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» Mission 2

After "liberating" a hovercraft, you will quickly find yourself in the center of a very familiar map (if you"ve played Tiberian Dawn). Plunder the area of its supplies, then make your way down the beach and up a ladder. You"ll find yourself in the middle of a destroyed GDI base, but there"s still heated battle here. Eliminate Nod soldiers as you see them. Be careful not to shoot fellow GDI " doing so will irritate Locke more than he is normally. Pick up any C4 you see lying around and use it to blow up the Cargo Trucks. You"ll get an objective asking you to free some prisoners; you can find them behind the Construction Yard, being held captive by Nod. Eliminate the Nod resistance in the area and approach the prisoners to complete the objective.

You will be informed of a Captain Duncan who left the base; follow the path and you will find him holed up in a shed that is being assaulted by the enemy. Give him some cover fire, and then run in to talk to him. He"ll be grateful to you and give you a nice little gift " an Ion Cannon Beacon. Save this for later, because it comes in handy.

Go into the Tiberium cave to the left of the shed, there"s a CD in there to update your DataLink. Keep on down the path, and then eliminate the Nod Officer in the tower to your right. Neglecting to do so means that you will be constantly plagued by paradrops. Quickly take out the Turret on the corner of the beach, using either C4 or the Rocket Launcher " I prefer the rocket method.

Finish off any infantry in the area, and then take the Medium Tank that Locke was kind enough to give you. Take it into the main area and crush any opposition. Hop out of it long enough to check the barn and sheds and free the civilians inside. An air transport will get them shortly. Take out the Cargo Trucks and take their contents as well. Get back in the tank and make your way into the next area.

EVA will notify you of a Nod Light Tank, which is a pushover for the awesome fire power of your tank. Blow it into nothingness and then take out the gun emplacements on the hills. If you can, lob a tank shell into the Nod Officer in the area who is coordinating the reinforcements, otherwise, jump out of the tank and use you Sniper Rifle to put a bullet or two into him. Cross the bridge that the Officer was on to enter the next area.

Once in this area, you will notice a path leading downhill towards a church. Take the path and free the clergy, which will count as a completed Secondary Objective. Go inside the church and pick up any supplies you find (there"s flamethrowers in the bell tower). Go back up the path.

Kill the officer in the tower, the push on. You should find a harvester. If you have rockets, take it out with those. Otherwise, you might have to venture into the Tiberium field to place C4 charges on it. If you do so, be cautious to get in and out quickly, because Tiberium will quickly kill you. Go on to the next area, and you will see another fork in the road, one leading up, one down. Wait at the fork, and snipe as many soldiers as you can, taking out the officer first.

Now go up the top path. If you have any rocket rounds left, you can take out the SAM site below from a safe distance. Otherwise, you may be forced to go up and plant C4 on it. If you manage to slide down, you can actually go from the top cliff to the bottom of the valley without taking damage. However, one bad mistake can cost you a lot of health. Clear out the soldiers in the area, and proceed up the main ramp into the Hand of Nod.

Once inside the Hand of Nod, it"s pretty easy to find and destroy the MCT. Simply follow your radar. If you want to, you can clear out the entire Hand and pick up some extra kills and supplies. Beware that as soon as you detonate the C4 and take out the building, every person inside will be out to kill you, so it"s sometimes better to wait until after you kill them all to bring down the house. You can use an Ion Cannon Strike as soon as you come into the building, but it"s better to save the Beacon for later.

Patrolling the path to the next area is a Buggy. On foot, this little vehicle can prove a threat. Take it out with a rocket, or spring back and forth from the tree with your Rifle to wear it down.

Take out the SAM site near the Communications Center, and kill all the soldiers in the area. You can"t free the civilians yet, but you can destroy the projector that is filling their minds with Nod propaganda. Enter the Comm Center and make your way to the main frame, then hack it. Assuming that you didn"t use the Beacon earlier, place it now to take out the building quickly. Otherwise, track down the MCT and C4 it. Make your way back to the surface and open the gate. Congratulations Captain! You"re making a fine addition to GDI"s forces.

» Mission 3

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