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» Mission 1

As this level starts, GDI finds itself the victim of a very well placed Nod ambush. As the officer in charge begs for reinforcements, he is promised a Commando. That Commando is you, Captain Nick Parker, codename: Havoc. Thus begins Renegade.

As soon as you drop from the transport helicopter, you need to scramble. Pick up the weapons in your immediate location and follow behind the engineers. Pick off any snipers that you see on the way to the main conflict, and then defend your fellow men in gold. Be careful, because there are many snipers and rocket soldiers hiding in the caves and behind the rocks. After you obliterate the first group, a second and then third wave will come in by helicopter. Normally, you would take out the choppers with a rocket launcher; however, you don"t have one yet. Instead, pick off the soldiers as the drop down the ropes. At the end of the conflict, replenish yourself with the nearby health and armor, and climb into the Medium Tank.

Follow closely behind the Humvee, and you"ll shortly be in the middle of another conflict. Take out the Nod Harvester and Buggee, then push forward. You"ll get a glimpse of the hidden Nod base that started this whole escapade. Quickly target and eliminate the SAM sites and any enemy armor in the area, and then sit back. After losing two pilots, Locke will order an Ion Cannon Strike, obliterating the enemy base. Congratulations, you completed your first mission!

» Mission 2

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