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Welcome to the CNCSeries.Com Renegade walkthroughs section, here you will find our detailed guides for all of the single-player missions in C&C Renegade. They outline all the steps that you must complete in a mission - full of helpful tips and explanations.

Please use the following basic tips whilst playing the missions:

  • Officers will call in reinforcements if you let them. The only way to stop them is with a bullet (or several). Eliminating all the officers in the area will also stop all reinforcements in the area. Thus, target officers first.
  • Rockets are devastating on all targets, which includes you. While you can use them to take out SAMs, choppers, and immobile infantry with one hit, a solid knock from a rocket will render you nearly dead, so watch yourself if there are rocket soldiers or officers.
  • Aim for the head "“ always.
  • A well placed C4 charge on an MCT will take out the entire building instantly.
  • Weapons do not discriminate. You will be harmed by your own explosives, beacons, and other "˜mass destruction"™ weapons.
Mission Guides:

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Author: Raijinn

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