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- Mission One
- Mission Two
- Mission Three
- Mission Four
- Mission Five

China Mission 1:

This mission is pretty straightforward. There's a US Base to the east of yours, capture it and you have access to Humvees, Crusaders and infantry. I just sold it because the GLA kept attacking it. Anyway, there are only a few main ways out of the GLA's base, so use mine strikes on those entrees whenever possible to keep them suppressed. I used carpet bombing to take out the artillery platform outside of their base as well, and mine strikes, artillery and carpet bombing to weaken and destroy units inside. Then I sent in a force of 10 Battlemasters and 5 Gattling tanks (with Chain Gun and Nationalism upgrades) into the base and cleaned house. There are a few tech buildings scattered around that might help you, derricks and a vehicle repair platform, and some artillery. Use them to your advantage.

China Mission 2:

This was one of the more fun missions I've played so far. Probably because of HOW I played it. Ok, first off, set all your nuke cannons to use Neutron Shells, and set them to guard just within the perimeter of your base. Good. Now hold off the GLA until reinforcements arrive, then we go on the offensive..........Ok then, now that the reinforcements are here, use the builder and assemble a Command Center and a War Factory, that's all you'll need. Use the factory to upgrade to Black Napalm and Chain Guns, and the Command Center for your Abilities.. Now you know all this big, bad-ass Helixes you have now? Let's have some fun. Go directly east, and then south. You'll come across the first, and probably lightest defended GLA Base. Make sure all your Helixes have napalm bombs. If you see a stinger site, fret not, just nail it with all of your Helixes, they'll be fine. The Propaganda Helixes will heal the rest. Once you've got this base demolished, move on. If you encounter a palace with rocket troops, that's where the napalm comes in. You can use a carpet bombing or Artillery strike to soften it up, then order your helixes to drop their napalm, and then you can feel free to move on because there won't be anythink left but KFC...Korean Fried Corpses. You all better have laughed right there because that took alot of creativity thinking up...Korean because you're playing China and not USA......and...corpses...because they're dead...and stuff. Ok, moving on. Just move north, then east, and demolish the bases in all four corners of the map. Don't bother with that little side-mission of rescuing your buddies, GLA units appear to attack them when you come near, and then you kill them...and that's about it. Besides, now you have a Comm. Center and don't need special help calling in bombings. By the time the second (south-west) base was demolished, I had 6 of 7 helixes left and they were all Heroic (3 bars, damage bonus, red tracers, self healing, etc.). I ended with those same 6 Helixes. I lost one accidentally :(. Anyways, simple victory, and pretty fun too.

China Mission 3:

This one gave me some trouble at first. I actually had to take 3 stabs at it before I finally got it. First time I was just acting stupid, second time I blame my carpet bomber for my loss....we'll get that those later. Start off with some defenses in your base, 3 bunkers and 2 gattling cannons. Put 2 of the bunkers on the north side of your base with the first cannon in between. Then but the second cannon and second bunker south of your supply depot there. 5 rocket soldiers in each bunker. Now take your starting army minus the Listening Outposts (keep those in your base in case of stealth attack, they like to send in rebels to take your buildings), and move to the first statue to destroy. There will be 2 stinger sites along the way, but not much trouble. Take out that first statue. Now head back to base for repairs, and start putting out flame tanks and battlemasters. Move east-northeast and take out the second two cannons along that route, taking out any buildings or units along the way. Hopefully you'll have your second promotion by now, and you'll need it. Use the carpet bomber to take out the middle and furthest east statue. When you have that done, gather up all of your army, repair, and head north along the western road, to the (duh) west of the city. The objective is to take out the Anti-Aircraft defenses at the opening of your enemies base. Take out the stinger sites and any army he may have BEFORE you call in your final carpet bombing. Now, here's something you WANT TO READ: DO NOT CALL THE BOMBER RIGHT ON TOP OF THE STATUE! It seems to stray to the right whenever I did it. Instead, you'll see buildings to the left of the statue, call the strike in there, and it'll go right over the statue, and bam, you win. If this does not work, hopefully you'll still have enough of an army to move up. De-garrison those buildings with your flame tanks first then get the statue. While this is all happening, be building a backup army in your base just in case, you need to be as TIME EFFICIENT as possible to avoid losing.

China Mission 4:

Well this one proved a bit tricky, but fun. First off, build a group of 8 Helixes, 5 cannons and 3 towers on them. These will do the larger portion of your work. The first wave can easily be defeated by your starting units. Use your Nuke Cannons with Neutron Shells to clog up the path and make units take their time in getting by (thus getting hit by more neutron shells) Capture the nearby artillery, and while the mission is going on head around and capture all of the artillery, using your troop transport to drop off one guy at each one and capture them. They may not help alot, but it's a last resort system. Speaking of last resorts, build 4 MiGs and have them guard over the lake, waiting for you to tell them to attack something that may have gotten away. Use mine strikes to your advantage. Upgrade you Helixes to drop napalm, and when necessary drop napalm in front of those large groups of people. AA shouldn't be a problem if you have 8 or more Helixes. I took out 4 gattling cannons at once without losing a single helicopter, so if you build 8-12 helixes you won't have a problem. Garrison men in buildings to the southwest after the 4th or 5th wave. Best bet is to send a builder down there and build a barracks. Fill up 2 buildings or so with rocket guys. When the 6th wave comes you'll be happy, AS LONG AS YOU USE YOUR MIGS, over the lake, TO TAKE OUT THE 2 TOXIN TRACTORS. That's kind of important. Otherwise they'll take the pressure off that route. Also have your starting units guard by the artillery outside your base. They'll also help take care of anything that may have gotten by. Use your Helixes on the other spot where the GLA are coming from, and you should be good to go. Don't forget about those MiGs, they saved the entire mission by picking off the extra-speedy battle bus and rocket buggy that were too fast for my Helixes to catch. Artillery wouldn't have been able to hit them. Keep these things in mind and you shouldn't find this mission too hard.

China Mission 5:

Nothing too difficult here. Get alternating bunkers (with 5 tank hunters a piece) and gattling cannons up ASAP, you'll be bothered by terrorists and Commanches very soon. I took the 3 Helixes you're given and built 5 more, 3 towers and 5 gattling cannons. Gather up XP by heading west and destroying the US-GLA forces heading towards your base. You can get XP and get your Helixes promoted like this. When you have enough XP, start hacking away at anti-air defenses (The towers and patriots). Don't worry a whole lot about that particle cannon, if you built your defenses, it'll go after a gattling cannon and maybe your barracks. Get an Internet Center up soon and fill it up, and research sat. hack 1. Once the AA defenses on the US bases are low enough to get your Helixes in, go in and take out as much power as possible, own it up, heading south and decimating anything in the way. Then repeat this process with the GLA base, but try to take out their SCUD storm. You can get your Helixes far to the west, and then head south and avoid most anti-air fire, which will put you at the SCUD Storm very quickly. Take that out, and keep on hacking away at stinger sites with artillery and carpet bombing. Once most of those are gone, gut the GLA base, and don't forget about their small expansion in the far southeast. You can do this mission with overlords if you want some heavier armor, but I like to think Helixes sacrifice armor for speed and the ability to not be touched by most units. And napalm, sweet napalm. It's a beautiful site, watching 8 Helixes drop napalm bombs on your enemies superweapon...Well, that's about it. Keep these things in mind and you should have no troubles.


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