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These walkthroughs are designed to give you sufficient knowledge of each mission to find it easier, but not lead you by the hand all the way's much more fun when you do some of it yourself.

- Mission One
- Mission Two
- Mission Three
- Mission Four
- Mission Five

GLA Mission 1:

Woo, really easy one again. Push up with your combat cycles, they'll do everything for you until you get to the GLA Base. Use any parts lying around on the ground to upgrade your Technicals and Quad Cannons for later. At the base, repair stuff if you want. It doesn't matter, you shouldn't suffer any attacks. Build a couple of scorpions, research Scorpion Rockets. Use the parts lying by the bridge to upgrade them. Go across the bridge, and send a random unit forward as a distraction while your Combat Cycles ride by, over a ridge and into the back of the US base right on top of the plane. Take out power, buildings, and at the end converge with your armor (Quads, Technicals, Scorpions) from the frong and Cycles from behind. Move the big guy, Dr. Thrax, into the base when it's clear, and you're done.

GLA Mission 2:

Pretty straightforward. Use your van scans alot. Enemy units may not always attack you when you're around them, so if you reveal them you can get the first strike off. Capture the command centers, the first one should be easy. The second one, however, is going to have a LOT of units appear there as soon as you capture it, so be ready for it. Prince Kassad's final, main center is in the mountains. Only one way up: with a dirtbike. There is a considerable force up there, but with some rockets and rebels on bikes, it shouldn't be a problem. Just get a LOT of them. Capture the nearby Oil Derricks and money won't be a problem the entire game.

GLA Mission 3:

Island hopping at it's finest. For those of you who may not have figured it out, that's what you need to do. There was little to no real resistance on this entire map, to be honset. Keep a quad cannon by your Particle Uplink Cannon and another one by your power you capture later on. That should prevent any paradrops or airborne attacks from being effective. Otherwise, island hop and build your forces as much as you can, and just plow through everything on the map. Really simple and easy like.

GLA Mission 4:

This mission isn't so much hard as it is just time consuming. First off, worry about ferrying all your troops over to the other side of the river. Use hijackers to take the USA vehicles that start off by you. Get all those hijackers across, you'll need them. Once that's done, just leave them sit on the beach. Now go to your hijackers and rebels by the sneak attack tunnel that you're given. Work your way east, there won't be any resistance. use your hijackers to "borrow" the USA Humvees on patrol, and take control of technicals and the radar van. There are some Allies hiding here, you will see them standing outside of a couple of buildings. Go up to them to receive their help. Use the two terrorists to take out the two paladin tanks across the bridge. Then take your technicals, upgrade them with the junk laying around (there are 6 pieces, in sets of 2, to the southeast of where you get them), and fill your humvees with your rebels. Then take out the Patriots at the bridge. You'll lose most of your units here, but that's okay, you don't need them. Just make sure to leave one rebel behind to capture a building with. You'll be prompted to capture it when you have troops by it, it's on the north-east leading road after the bridge. Now use your radar van (which you can just leave where you capture it, it won't be threatened) to find demo traps on the beach. Destroy them with your forces. Work your way up and you'll probably notice about 8 toxin tractors just sitting unused. Go capture them all. I sent one to clear out each bunker, so they could each get promoted just enough so they could heal themselves (Two bars, "elite" status). Then clear out buildings in town doing the same thing, getting them promoted equally so they can heal themselves. Then it's simply pushing north and following the prompts to destroy US Power, their base, and capturing all your chemicals. To defend it the best, keep all the troops you've gathered, Tractors, US Units, and there are a couple of battle buses around somewhere too, by the artillery platform. Capture it, of course. Put your infantry in a bunker there and you should have no problem holding off the attacks of the infidels.

GLA Mission 5:

Alright, you have access to all three factions in this mission. I shouldn't even need to write a walkthrough, but I will. I decided to have some fun and use a point on SCUD Launchers. I used them to decimate American defenses to the east, and then had rebels run over, capture the derrick and artillery platform along the way, then capture all of the American base. I build two nukes and two SCUD storms, and used American air power throughout. I also had 3 radar vans to constatly search for enemy particle cannons. For some reason, even when the cannon hit 0 seconds, they wouldn't use it. Anyways, use rebel ambushes to sneak into the American base, and Anthrax bombs work well around their command center, they always seem to have some expensive units around there. I eventually capture an air field in the back of their base and pumped out commanchees like there was no tomorrow, and they didn't have a chance. That's about all there is to this. THere's plenty of cash to be had with hackers and derricks. If you go along the easternmost side of the map, you'll find a derrick and refinery I believe, use those to your advantage. Also use a chinook to take your POW rebels to their town, you gain an entire ally just for that. They'll just keep the US occupied while you do whatever you want with any of the three factions. Expect a minor attack from the north on your fist base early on, nothing very impressive. The units you're given can take them out. That's about it.

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