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Site & Date Released: Ferrago | 14/09/03
Snip: For your money you will get what could very easily have been a sequel. In fact there's more new stuff in here then there was in many a sequel I've had the pleasure of being disappointed with. For a start there are the obligatory extra multiplayer maps, and a new single player campaign to get your teeth into. 25 and 15 levels respectively to steam your way through. There's also some updating to the Skirmish AI (of course) and a whole slew of new and enhanced graphical effects to marvel at. The original is probably one of the finest looking games out there still to this day, so how do you think it will look with weather effects, some snow or a little rain perhaps, not to mention a number of other visual enhancements? But it is the massive number of new units and upgrades available that will really blow the shoes off of even the most well booted of imperialist exploiters. 30 new units and structures will combine with 20 new upgrades and General's abilities to effectively turn the original into a whole new kettle of combat.
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Site & Date Released: ActionTrip | 13/08/03
Snip: Additional features have been incorporated in the multiplayer. There's going to be a mixture of new multiplayer maps along with a number of a few familiar ones from the original game. Players will, naturally, be able to use the new units, strategies, upgrades, and structures throughout the multiplayer missions, so it's bound to bring some fresh moments to the experience. You'll also be able to participate in online co-op matches or simply enjoy a standard head-to-head all-out war for global domination, against a multitude of "live" opponents.
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Site & Date Released: Games Domain | 25/07/03
Snip: We've saved the biggest news till last! For the first time ever -- wait for it, now -- a Command and Conquer game will sport the option of a RIGHT-CLICK INTERFACE. Yes! Just like every other RTS on the planet. We gave it a try and it actually felt pretty weird now that we're used to Generals being one of those "funky Westwood-style interface games." Due to the unlimited unit selection (a good thing!), the HUD still won't offer useful info like individual unit health status (a bad thing!). EA is adding more frequently used structure and unit special abilities to the sidebar, though, for easier accessibility.
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Site & Date Released: GameSpy | 16/07/03
Snip: Aside from the new units (the examples listed are only from the basic sides, not the new ones that the generals themselves may have), Bonin says that further refinements and polish have been a priority. Performance optimizations, UI enhancements and other fan requested features are being included, including the option for right-mouse clicks for movement (now in the options menu). There will be several new multiplayer maps included in the expansion, and some of the original Generals maps may be reworked with new tech buildings or terrain changes to take advantage of the new units and strategies.
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Site & Date Released: HomeLAN Fed | 14/07/03
Snip: Even with just the new units, structures and upgrades and the new 15 mission storyline, C&C Generals Zero Hour is looking like a must have for any Generals fan but the introduction of the Generals Challenge mode looks like it its taking the franchise and indeed the entire RTS genre in an interesting new direction. We hope to have more info on Zero Hour before its scheduled released later this fall. Oh, and while we tried to get Bonin to clue us in on upcoming C&C games, he wouldn't budge. Oh well..
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Site & Date Released: UGO | 12/07/03
Snip: The GLA is not alone in its unit advancements, as the Chinese have two bitchin' products that are sure to become the staple of any multiplayer match. One is, in simple terms, an airborne overlord (which was the mod-able tank from the original), which can allow for supply drops, bunker transport and morale boosts straight from the sky. Another addition for the Chinese is the temporarily-titled Banshee, which emits subsonic waves capable of shutting down missiles and other units as they approach. Talk about anti-social.
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Site & Date Released: GameSpot | 09/07/03
Snip: Aside from the campaign, EALA is including a special single-player mode called Generals Challenge. Here, you can travel all around the world to take on any of nine different generals and their specialized armies. For instance, you may find yourself up against a Chinese general who specializes in nuclear powers. This general will nuke you early and often, and many of his units are enhanced with radiation auras that can damage nearby enemies. Another GLA general specializes in toxins. This allows him to upgrade his toxin units with even more powerful poisons than are available to normal GLA units and even outfit some defensive structures with toxin guns.
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Site & Date Released: PC IGN | 09/07/03
Snip: It's no secret that we thought Command & Conquer Generals was a damn good game. Unique sides and balanced gameplay along with some interesting missions and a campaign that, while not strictly story based, pushed the experience along at a perfect pace made that game a keeper in the realm of the RTS. And EALA is coming back this fall with an expansion pack for it. After getting a good long look at the additions, improvements, and new modes, it's pretty obvious that they're putting a huge effort into adding a lot of new gameplay for owners of the original. While it's still a long ways out, the amount of content is certainly along the lines of the recently released WarCraft III expansion pack, Frozen Throne.
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