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Site & Date: PC IGN | 25/09/03
Clip: The Generals' Challenges are set up almost like a match in Street Fighter, giving you a loading screen with each General's portrait and a little quip from the opposing General about how your penis is small and you don't stand a chance in hell because you're such a sissy. I tell you what, there's nothing more motivating to kicking the computer's ass then having it constantly insult you. You begin not caring because it's a computer program, start to grow angry with them when you lose, and suddenly find that you're taking the losses personally. They're all sadistic jerks and will relentlessly give you crap, which strangely enough is damn entertaining, although I wish they had more to say. Hearing the same thing over and over about how General Kwai's tanks are testing my flanks even though I'm stomping his base into the ground is a little odd. Still, they will comment when you destroy specific structures of theirs that they want as well as comment on structures that you build while making sure to mention that it won't last very long.
Score: 9/10
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Site & Date: GameSpot | 26/09/03
Clip: Zero Hour does what any good real-time strategy expansion pack should do: it adds appreciable amounts of content and depth to the original product. It introduces various new units, technologies, and "generals powers" to each of the three factions from Generals--the high-tech USA military, the powerful forces of China, and the terrorist conglomerate called the GLA. It also introduces a completely new single-player mode: the generals challenge. Zero Hour also features follow-up campaigns for each of the factions, consisting of five good-sized missions apiece. The core game, too, has undergone a number of little tweaks and enhancements that make it play a bit better overall. These tweaks and enhancements address issues that players may have encountered in the original, either through its interface or its multiplayer. However, perhaps the most interesting addition to Zero Hour is the inclusion of nine new subfactions.
Score: 8.6/10
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Site & Date: ActionTrip | 26/09/03
Clip:Visually, the biggest improvements in the game are the weather effects and a cool new microwave effect emitted by the US Microwave Tank. The engine uses an advanced particle effects technique to create the impression of an air distortion created by the microwaves. I'm also assuming that these more advanced particle effects were used to enhance the environments and explosions. Certainly that is the impression I got from closely examining the graphics, although I haven't confirmed with the developers if this is indeed the case or not. The game's soundtrack is top-notch and so is the voice acting. Granted, the booming noise of the huge bomber planes, explosions, engine roars, etc. doesn't sound as clear as it should on my sound system (I'm getting an odd crackling sound or two), and there is no support for advanced 3D sound, but on the whole, the audio aspect of Zero Hour is above average.
Score: 83%
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Site & Date: GamePlanet | 02/10/03
Clip: GENERALLY EXPANSION PACKS ARE a bit of a mixed bag. Often they are hastily slapped together to ride on the back of the hype of the first game, with some suspect content and even worse, bits that should have been in the original game in the first place. When we heard that Command and Conquer: Generals was going to spawn an expansion, we were very apprehensive. We loved the original and rated it very highly because of its polished game play and well balanced forces. Would the expansion pack, Zero Hour, do it justice? We are pleased to say that it does indeed, and then some.
Score: 4.5/5
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Site & Date: GamersDepot | 07/10/03
Clip: Aside from all we"™ve discussed and some new weather effects to add to the realism, all the basics of Command & Conquer Generals still apply. Single player levels are diverse, challenging, and a wild and woolly \"build and battle" experience true to the series, with a healthy dose of strategic warfare and terrorism thrown in. Multiplayer is included, and the graphics engine remains the same heavy dose of eye candy that Generals brought us. The mouse interface when selecting units didn"™t impress me, and I had several instances where I accidentally ordered my troops to attack their own vehicles or comrades (Court Martial anyone?), but other than that, controlling the action and moving around the map remains fairly easy to manage, as in past releases.
Score: 4/6
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Site & Date: LoadedINC | 10/10/03
Clip: It seems like only yesterday that Generals was released. With a little more than seven months gone the boys at EA managed to crank out the first expansion pack, Zero Hour. With thirty new units, a mini-campaign, and a new gameplay mode, Zero Hour makes up in gameplay for what it lacks in depth.
Score: 8.5/10
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Site & Date: GameZone | 10/10/03
Clip: The elements of the game, graphics, sound, gameplay, etc have not changed too much. In fact it is just as good as the original. The AI seemed to be tweaked a bit but over all pretty much the same. This is a good thing. Multiplayer is still by far the most important element of the game that will provide countless hours of re-playability if you like online gaming. I can not stress enough how great this expansion truly is and if you love C&C Generals this is a must have.
Score: 8.8/10
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Site & Date: GameBiz | 20/10/03
Clip: Zero Hour comes with the highly anticipated new innovation by EA LA that would create a new adventure for all General fans; the inclusion of the Challenge mode is groundbreaking for the real-time strategy genre. Seen throughout the fighting genre for years in the Mortal Kombat series and other titles such a Tekken, Zero Hour offers a mode that allows you to battle through eight general"™s backyard"™s in a versus manner.
Score: 91%
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Site & Date: Ferrago | 21/10/03
Clip: Here's a game for Dubya and Tony. For in this game they will be able to find naughty people who not only possess WMDs but will also use them with all the abandon of a government spin doctor applying the euphemisms. Better yet these nasty folks are a terrorist organisation who want nothing more then to see the end of freedom and civilisation. Okay, they may not be religious fanatics but otherwise they fulfil all the criteria of the enemy number one. So strap on your MOABs and let's get down to the business of ridding the world of evil.
Score: 92%
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Site & Date: Game-Over | 21/10/03
Clip: It"™s an expansion pack. Whaddaya want? It doesn"™t correct several of the flaws of the original game, but it adds significantly more playtime to it. In my head I"™m trying to compare this to other RTS expansion packs I"™ve seen recently, such as Age of Mythology: The Titans and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Compared to those titles, Zero Hour rates fairly, if does nothing to really distinguish itself from the typical expansion pack expectations.
Score: 85%
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