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18 of General Granger's Raptors fly over an enemy base.

A mug shot of General Townes.

General Townes' Laser Tanks and Avengers unleash their lasers against a neutal Derrick? Nice intel...

Assault Troop Crawlers unload their MiniGunners, while an ECM tank is there as backup.

Tactical Nukes, I think, from the transport plane.

Emperor Tanks, looking...well, big.

About 10 Tactical Nukes leave their line of damage across some GLA troops.

Not much to see here, except that China has captured a Howitzer.

A BattleMaster tank parachutes down, and comes under fire immediately.

Laser Turrets showing their power, destroying what looks like the Spectre Gunship.

A Fortified Bunker is seen with its protective mines, with Tank hunters firing out.

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