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Here we can see China's Helix without it being almost dead, as it's landed on a helipad. It looks rather small considering it can carry an Overlord.

I'm not sure what this biker wants to achieve, but I have a gut feeling he's going to fail. Miserably.

Overlords unleash hell, as usual.

Battle Bus's take a tumble (left) while we get the first look at what appear to be the USA's Sentry drones (upper right).

General Alexander, for some reason, holding a gun.

Even Alexander's special defenses can't match the speed of the Aurora.

General Granger. He looks a tad disgruntled about something.

The Combat chinook's durable armour pulls through this fight with a Stinger Site.

A Combat Chinook in action against several GLA units. The Toxin Rebel is on the right.

The EMP Patriot and Firebase try to hold off a horde of Laser Tanks and Avengers.

A nice image of the Helix being attacked by the Avenger's AA laser.

Motorcycles, Technicals and Bomb Trucks attack. I'm stuck for a decent caption here to be honest.

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