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This shot shows the GLA's Sneak Attack Tunnel in action, as well as the Motorcycles.

The Hell's Angels of the GLA obliterate some Crusader tanks.

A somewhat ungainly Spectre Gunship blasts apart a Chinese base.

We're pretty sure this shows off Dr. Thrax's base, with a deceivingly pretty toxin killing everything in sight from everything in sight. Fun.

A new Patriot model, Firebase, Avenger Support Vehicle and captured Howitzer can be seen here, as well as the Particle Cannon most likely for General Alexander.

An impressive cinematic sequence showing a sinking Aircraft Carrier.

Another base of Dr. Thrax's? You can see the upgraded Toxin Tractors, and the RPG Trooper's rocket's trail is pink.

Three Avengers pinpoint a target for a Crusader, and one of the new drones is visible above the Avenger on the right, which we assume to be the Hellfire.

Yeah...uh, I can't see anything new here. Moving on...

Nothing new, although I must say those bikes look very fetching in pink.

The USA's new Microwave tank in action.

Not the best image to show of China's Helix-II helicopter, as it takes a beating from GLA forces. If you look in the back of the image, you can just see the Banshee too.

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