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» Ta Hun Kwai

General Ta Hun Kwai is convinced that the People's Liberation Army will see its greatest military successes in this century through the view holes of its tank divisions. A disciple of Soviet tank tactics of the Cold War, General Ta has produced technical papers on various modifications to them. He has initiated development of techniques to reduce the costs of tank production and has sponsored the Emperor program, whose first tanks rolled off the assembly line in 2019. Considered part of the old guard in the PLA hierarchy, General Ta nevertheless continues to roll up victory after victory in battle.


  • Side: China
  • Rank: General, Class AAA
  • Branch: Peoples Liberation Army
  • Class Number: 9999-322436-5
  • Stationed: Base Rat, Jinan, China
  • Tactical Overview: Tanks
  • Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online
Army Units

Emperor Tank
A tank even bigger than the Overlord which comes with a Propaganda Tower but can also get the Gattling Cannon.

Army Generals Powers

Tank Drop
This Level 3 Generals Power can drop Battlemaster tanks anywhere on the map.

Army Modifications

  • All tanks start at veteran level.
  • Tanks cost less to produce. Construction time is unchanged.
  • Aircraft cost more to build.
  • Nuke cannon is unavailable.
  • Inferno cannon is unavailable.

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