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» Rodall 'Demo' Juhziz

This bomb maker of Middle Eastern ancestry is responsible for some of the most devastating terrorist attacks of the twenty-first century. General Juhziz and his organization have been tied to both the attack on the US Embassy in Cairo and the sinking of the USS Nelsen in 2012. Such bold strikes have drawn more supporters to his side, including bombers from many nations willing to sacrifice their lives for the causes of the GLA. General Juhziz lost the use of a hand in a bombmaking accident and rarely speaks to anyone outside of his own organization.


  • Side: GLA
  • Rank: Unknown
  • Cell: Scorpion
  • ID Number: Unknown
  • Homeland: Unknown
  • Tactical Overview: Explosives (Demolition)
  • Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online
Army Structures

Advanced Demo Trap
Advanced Demo Traps are cheaper to produce, faster to assemble, and more destructive than their predecessors.

Army Upgrades

When upgraded at the Palace, any units or structures that come equipped with units (Stinger Sites, Tunnel Networks, etc.) can self detonate on command.

Army Modifications

  • Bomb Trucks cost less to produce.
  • All Terrorists do more damage.
  • Booby Trap upgrade is available at start.
  • Combat Cycles are ridden by a Terrorist at start.
  • Stealth units or capabilities are unavailable, except for Jarmen Kell.
  • Toxin upgrades are unavailable. Scud Storm, Scud Launcher, and Bomb Truck are packed with explosives.

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