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» 'Pinpoint' Townes

An early champion of laser technology in the USA Armed Forces, "Pinpoint" Townes has developed comprehensive offensive and defensive strategies for the 21st century around laser-based weapons. It is only in recent years that powerful lasers became cheap enough and light enough to mount on battlefield weapons, and General Townes has deployed them throughout his forces. This four-star general continues to push the technology envelope in harnessing energy and improving power efficiency, and the Army is counting heavily on him.


  • Side: USA
  • Rank: 4-Star General
  • Branch: US Army
  • Class Number: 00010204-0IKE0
  • Stationed: Fort Union, Redwood Shores, California, USA
  • Tactical Overview: Lasers
  • Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online
Army Structures:

Laser Defense Turret
The Laser Defense Turret cuts down the opposition with an intensive burst of light and heat energy. These powerful defensive batteries are effective against ground and air targets.

Laser Tank
The Laser Tank fires a laser instead of a shell. Its turret-mounted laser packs more damaging potential than a shell. Power in base must be maintained or these go inactive.

Army Modifications

  • Avengers cost less to produce.
  • Tomahawk missile is unavailable.
  • Crusader tank is unavailable.
  • Paladin tank is unavailable.

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