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» Alexis Alexander

A logistics staffer in Okinawa, Alexander attracted the notice of her superiors with her ability to acquire just about anything. Alexander parlayed that ability into a scholarship and a long and distinguished career in the Marines. To protect supply lines during the first GLA conflict, Alexander developed a tiered scheme of defenses that did not allow a single strike on any of her supply columns. While hardly efficient in her use of resources, General Alexander makes defense and resource acquisition priorities in the early phases of conflict. The general's army takes to the offensive only when she has superior offensive firepower that cannot be touched by counterattack.


  • Side: USA
  • Rank: 4-Star General
  • Branch: Marines Corps
  • Class Number: 07121969-HB
  • Stationed: Camp Franklin, Belfast, Maine, USA
  • Tactical Overview: Superweapons
  • Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online
Army Structures:

EMP Patriot:
The EMP Patriot battery can dispense a barrage of missiles that can deliver an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) shockwave on structures, units, and personnel.

Army Units:

Aurora Alpha:
The newest model of Aurora bomber is equipped with fuel air bombs. The Aurora Alpha's fuel explosives detonate in the air over a target, spreading fire across a considerable area. Capable of supersonic speeds, the FAB Aurora can outdistance enemy AA fire.

Army Upgrades:

Advanced Control Rods:
Improvements in the design of control rods have resulted in greater efficiency and power output than conventional resources.

Army Modifications

  • Particle cannons cost much less to produce.
  • All vehicles cost more to produce.
  • Paladin tank is unavailable.
  • Crusader tank is unavailable.

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