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» Malcolm 'Ace' Granger

The son of an Iowa crop duster, General Malcolm Granger's flying career began at the age of 12, when he borrowed his father's biplane to go to the state fair in Kansas City. As a lieutenant in the Vietnam War, Granger became an ace in a single afternoon, knocking out four MiG-17s over Da Nang. As he moved up the Air Force ranks, Granger earned a reputation for advancing the role of fighting aircraft in the U.S. military. Even-tempered yet uncompromising, Granger has developed novel techniques in fuel management and resource deployment during air superiority operations. Those techniques have been used with success in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other theaters. His squadrons are known for precision execution and a strong will to complete the mission.


  • Side: USA
  • Rank: 4-Star General
  • Branch: US Air Force
  • Class Number: Class Number: 08291102-HBGB
  • Stationed: Fort Belmont, Houston, Texas, USA
  • Tactical Overview: Air Force
  • Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online
Army Structures:

King Raptor:
The first generation of Raptors proved to be thin-skinned fighters. Engine modifications have allowed the King Raptor to carry a sturdier fuselage and better ammunition.

Combat Chinook:
In the previous campaigns against the GLA, Chinooks did not fare well. Lacking defenses, the Chinook often was lost behind enemy lines, requiring rescue operations to recover any survivors. The Combat Chinook has side portals to allow passengers to target threats on the ground.

Army Upgrades:

Stealth Commanche:
Comanche helicopters can be upgraded with stealth capabilities.

Army Modifications:

  • All aircraft receive laser point defense systems.
  • Aircraft are cheaper to produce.
  • A-10 Thunderbolts at Level 1, 2, and 3 cost fewer Generals points.
  • Stealth Fighter is available at start.
  • Crusader tank is unavailable.
  • Paladin tank is unavailable.

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