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Listening Outpost
Able to detect stealthed units in the nearby area, it's a useful surveillance vehicle and can also defend itself thanks to Tank Hunters residing inside.

The Helix can transport units across the map and be upgraded with either the Propaganda Tower, Bunker or Gattling Cannon and also Napalm Shells, making it a highly versatile unit.

ECM Tank
The electronic countermeasures can shut down enemy tanks and make rockets and missiles lose their path and fly harmlessly away into the ground.


Neutron Mines
People just don't react to neutron mines very well, so any vehicles driving over one will suddenly become neutral.

Satellite Hack 1
Upgraded at the Internet Center, this reveals the area around enemy Command Centers.

Satellite Hack 2
Want to see what your enemy can see? This allows you to do just that.

Neutron Shells
Launched from the Nuke Cannon, these shells kill all infantry, but don't affect anything else.


Internet Center
Holding up to 8 Hackers who perform better when inside and home to the Satellite Hack upgrades, the Internet Center is an important structure for backup purposes.

Generals Abilities

Firepower and armour suddenly charge up for units in a frenzy.

Carpet Bomb
Dropping a continuous line of bombs on the enemy usually works out alright, so this is a safe bet for destruction.

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