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An expert in stealth and infiltration, and climbing cliffs as well, for some reason. By entering structures, he powers them down, or resets all the Generals Abilities if he enters the Command Center.

Combat Cycle
"Fast" is the word generally associated with the Combat Cycle, with "bloody fast" coming in second. Its weapon depends on who happens to be driving it.

Battle Bus
When driving, the infantry inside shoot out; when the Bus is destroyed, its wreckage is utilised as a bunker.


Worker Shoes
Huzzah, now they'll stop their bloody moaning! They run faster with shoes, thus increasing your money gain.

Camo Nettings
Stinger Sites and Tunnel Networks can be hidden to the enemy with this upgrade.

Fortified Structure
We're all aware of barbed wire's efficiency at stopping tank shells, so this increases a buildings armour.

Booby Trap
Booby. Teehee. Anyway, Rebels can place these so unfortunate enemies stumble across them and blow up.


Fake Structures
Fool the enemy with these, and you can make them into real structures at any time as well.

Generals Abilities

GPS Scrambler
When deployed, all GPS signals are lost, enabling GLA forces to sneak unseen to radar across the map.

Sneak Attack Tunnel
This Tunnel can pop out anywhere you like, instantly delivering your forces.

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