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Opened: 25th of October 2000

CNCSeries.Com was founded by Rob a few days before Red Alert 2 was released. He had the idea to make a Red Alert 2 site after seeing images of the game and being suitably impressed. The first version of the site (hosted on Geocities) had 25 to 40 visitors every day for the first week or so. After a few weeks the site finally started to get noticed; the number of visitors steadily grew to around 100 to 200 per day. For the first few months of its existence, CNCSeries.Com was run solely by Rob.

In early January of 2001 Rob redesigned CNCSeries.Com in order to make it easier to navigate and better in terms of design. Whilst the design was simple by current standards, it was nevertheless a big improvement: CNCSeries.Com was out of nappies so to speak. Around this time, CNCSeries.Com ceased to be a one-man team - Rob was joined by Aaron (later to run Westwood Experience), who came onboard as the site's map reviewer.

In late February 2001, Rob received an email, out of the blue, from Strategy-Gaming Online. They offered to host CNCSeries.Com and Rob eagerly accepted the offer; it was an excellent oppurtunity to revamp the site, appoint more staff and generally become a better site. Upon CNCSeries.Com's launch on its new server and location (at the url, it was finally able to feature proper forums and a news-update script. After settling in on the new server, several new members of staff were appointed. Staff such as allieddog, c4commando, microtank and James were some noticeable additions to the team. News flowed, users interacted on the forums and the site grew - receiving 300 to 400 visitors a day. CNCSeries.Com was beginning to make a name for itself.

In March 2001, it was time for another layout change. With the combination of a well designed banner from one of the site's fans (TankDriver) and some minor changes with the organisation of the site, the site looked more professional, less blocky and more attractive to the eye. At this point the site still retained it's black background and red links.

About a month later, the layout was changed again - gone were the black background and red links that everyone had become accustomed to. In their place came a grey background with yellow links. The layout was an improvement. To go with the new layout, the site was restructured in terms of policies, staff and features. The aforementioned was done in order for CNCSeries.Com to become more professional. A few members of staff were asked to leave at this point - due to a lack of work and dedication. The site was now a lot mature - and demanded that its staff be so as well. Features introduced in Version 5 were items such as Tip Of the Day, Polls and more regular articles.

September 2001 was a busy month for CNCSeries.Com, resulting in perhaps it's greatest achievement - being invited to Westwood to test Yuri's Revenge along with other top fansites. Rob attended as webmaster. Needless to say, it was a great experience for him. Roughly a week after Rob arrived back from America, CNCSeries.Com Version 6 was unleashed. This layout was a signicant improvement - being more organised, colourful and far more aesthetically pleasing than it's predecessor. But September's hectic activities were not yet over - on the 29th of September, CNCSeries.Com moved URL from to its current address,

On December the 13th 2001, CNCSeries.Com officially became a "C&C site" as opposed to a "Red Alert 2 site". CNCSeries.Com's sub-sites, 'Red 2 World: Renegade' & 'Red 2 World: Emperor', were combined with the main site in order to allow for easier upkeep of all sites. This was an important moment in the site's history.

On the 15th of January 2002, CNCSeries.Com left its host, Telefragged, due to a number of reasons - one such one being that our file section was offline for a period of a few weeks due to our downloads being banned by them! The site moved onto a new server, this time choosing the option of a paid host. However, things did not go to plan. Constant problems with the new host saw the site being down for most of January and the earlier part of February. Thankfully, a reliable host was finally found in the form of PCG Central.

On it's relaunch in the later half of February, CNCSeries.Com featured a new name and a new layout. The site's name was changed from "Red 2 World" to "CNCSeries.Com" in accordance with the domain. Thhe seventh version of the site featured some similiarites to the previous version in the way of a light background, but was quite a revamp - featuring some cutting-edge graphics.

On the 29th of August 2003, Rob officially handed over the title of Webmaster to Ash. The previous months had seen Ash keep the site running practically by himself - thus his position was just reward for the time and effort he had put into the site. Rob chose to remain on board as the 'Founder', providing assistance every now and again. Generals had witnessed a significant change in the structure of both the site and the community, paving the way for a new era.

September 2004 to January 2005 witnessed the development of 'Version 8' - a dynamic site completely based upon its own custom backend (courtesy of Rob). Featuring another excellent layout and in-house forums, the site is now limited only by the imagination of its members.

For a site that, but a few years ago, was hosted on Geocities and ran by a one-man team, CNCSeries.Com has come a very long way. We are now one of the best-known fansites in the C&C Community - providing constant news, interesting articles and a multitude of other features. We are constantly making the site even larger - adding to its content laden directories every day. Many staff have added to the wealth of information that is CNCSeries.Com - detailing the arrival and departure of each such staff member is sadly even too great a task for us to take on.. just let it be said that their dedication, both the past and present members, has helped to make this site so successful.

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